Make Life a Festival With the Festisia Boarding Pass

Greetings my fellow Festies! Moonbeam here coming to you live and direct from Festisia. Your journey is officially underway and Today, I will share important information about our collective future and the membership benefits that will enable you to make life a festival by obtaining a Festisia Boarding Pass.


While your introduction to Festisia is quite new, its legacy dates back to ancient times nearly 6,000 years ago. It was here on earth that this civilization of wonder, magic, creative opportunity and cosmic collaboration was first born. But since then, much has happened to alter the course of Festisia’s existence. For one, Adra Festus is the last surviving member of ancient Festisia, miraculously managing to escape extinction during the onset of the Ice Age. A fateful feat which created the opportunity for me to join his ranks and now you as we seek to build the bedrock of Festisia in modern times.

Therein lies our objective, to guide you home to Festisia. But here’s the catch, with the advent of modern technology and Adra’s expected aversion to natural disasters, Festisia has been relocated into the cosmos. That’s right, we have our own planet now. It’s a lot of space for just two Festies, so we’re eager to get you all here and grow the family – the process is just a bit more complex than calling an Uber.


The Cosmic Caravan

Fortunately we have a ship aptly named “The Cosmic Caravan,” inspired by the founding mothers and fathers of ancient Festisia who were known by this title during the initial formation of our civilization several thousand of years ago. Today, we honor the Cosmic Caravan’s legacy as we seek to rekindle Festisia’s flame and identify fellow dreamers, wanderers and visionaries to join our ranks in forging a new frontier and home for festival culture.

For transparency, there will be other methods of transportation to reach Festisia in time, but currently, the Cosmic Caravan is the only vehicle designed specifically to make life a festival and maximize your experience while in transit.

The projected arrival time in Festisia is set for Q4 of 2023.


Introducing the The Festisia Boarding Pass

In order to punch your ticket aboard the Cosmic Caravan, you’ll first need a Festisia Boarding Pass. The Boarding Pass guarantees your membership to the Festisia community, unlocks exclusive access to membership benefits that make life a festival and essentially serves as your key to the city upon arrival. Following is a detailed breakdown of the member benefits unlocked by the Festisia Boarding Pass.


Membership Benefits

1. Explore

 Gain access to exclusive member events and giveaways featuring concert tickets, festival wristbands & more.

2. Connect 

Link up with other festival heads, collaborate in member exclusive Discord chats and build the Festisia community.

3. Create 

  • Become a content creator and earn for each approved content submission. Detailed content guidelines and earning potential to be shared shortly.
  • Apply to participate in Fest Quests and collaborate on festival activations. 

4. Collect

Submit content, attend events, tag Festisia in your social posts and more to collect ‘Shardz’ – the official currency of Festisia. Earning ‘Shardz’ allows you to rank up and unlock special perks from art and collectibles to tickets and merch. (Coming Q3 ’23).

5. Identity

Once the Cosmic Caravan makes its final descent on Festisia (October, ’23), use your Festisia Boarding Pass to redeem a Festie PFP designed by Young & Sick and his cast of collaborators. Each Festie is a customizable work of art that provides a canvas for self expression.

How Can You Obtain a Festisia Boarding Pass?

Existing Community Members 

All existing community members who hold a SUPERPASS have been airdropped a Boarding Pass – check your wallet on Open Sea!

  • You will have received one Boarding Pass for each SUPERPASS.
  • If you hold a SUPERPASS and don’t see your Boarding Pass, make sure to check the ‘hidden’ tab as sometimes they will first appear there.

New Community Members

Throughout the remainder of our journey, select drop windows will activate allowing interested, new community members to purchase a Festisia Boarding Pass using Credit Card or Ethereum.

  • Earlier drop moments will feature discounted pricing. With each new drop that’s activated, the price will increase.
  • This first Boarding Pass drop will occur on featuring 100 passes priced at $55 per pass. (ETH price will be determined prior to the drop).
  • Date and time to be announced.

If you’re not a boarding pass holder yet, don’t sweat it. Sign up for updates here so you don’t miss out!:

Love & Light,


P.S. – Adra and I cannot wait to share more about Festisia’s origins and the adventure ahead with you. Welcome aboard!


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