Tomorrowland 2023: Prep, Packing Essentials, and Planning a Journey Through Europe

With Tomorrowland being 4,500 miles away, planning and preparation are essential. In this article, my Festie group and I will discuss the preparations we made after securing our tickets to one of the biggest and most culturally diverse festivals in the world. Additionally, I will discuss the planning and discovery we did revolving around music and art in Europe.

Tomorrowland: The Festival that Belongs on Everyone's Bucket List [Event  Review] | RaverRafting

We eagerly awaited the festival lineup announcement after purchasing tickets. Weeks after tickets sold out, Tomorrowland dropped a massive lineup featuring over 600 artists. There are two weekends. Two lineups. Many of the artists are consistent between weekends, but there’s also many changes based on artist tour schedules. We’re seeing a lot of artists we love, and we’ll have the chance to discover countless artists— which really makes a festival experience memorable. Recap of the lineup and must-see artists coming next week.

Thankfully, everyone has valid passports and were able to begin to plan our journey to Tomorrowland. Through careful research, we learned that flying into London, rather than Brussels, was a much cheaper alternative. Excited about the opportunity to explore more countries, we decided to start our trip in London and extend our adventure by backpacking through Europe before and after the festival. Our itinerary would take us to vibrant destinations such as Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, Ibiza and finally, Tomorrowland, before concluding our trip in Lisbon, Portugal. I will cover some highlights of music and the arts in Europe later in the article.

Having secured our flights and itinerary, we turned our attention to the festival itself. We were intrigued to learn about Tomorrowland’s unique features and amenities. To our surprise, the festival operates like a small city complete with grocery stores, tattoo shops, and even barbers and salons.

As we delved deeper into our research, we stumbled upon the add-on sale, which provided additional options and services to enhance our Tomorrowland experience. We discovered that the add-on sale allowed us to book restaurant reservations, reserve lockers, and even purchase tents, among others. Intrigued by the possibility of enjoying a high-end dining experience with a view of the main stage, we eagerly sought a restaurant reservation. We quickly realized that securing a restaurant reservation was as challenging as obtaining festival tickets. This arrangement includes a welcome cocktail or mocktail, two glasses of wine and water on the table, a selection of different appetizers, a shared main course, and a dessert. With a price of $65 per person, we consider it a great value for a high-end dining experience amidst the electrifying energy of the Tomorrowland main stage.

As seasoned festival-goers, we understand the importance of being prepared and equipped for an immersive music festival experience. Tomorrowland, known for its large campgrounds and non-stop music, required careful consideration of the essentials to ensure our comfort and enjoyment throughout the event.

One of the most important items we included on our packing list was a portable charger. With the festival spanning multiple days and the likelihood of capturing countless moments on our smartphones/GoPro, having a reliable source of power is essential. We chose portable chargers that could charge a phone several times. In addition, we added a universal outlet adapter to our packing list. Being an international festival, Tomorrowland attracts visitors from all corners of the globe. To ensure that we could charge our devices (if the portable charger dies), we will carry a universal outlet adapter capable of accommodating different plug types commonly used worldwide.

Comfortable footwear was a non-negotiable item on our packing list. With the vast expanse of Tomorrowland’s grounds and the countless hours of dancing and exploring ahead of us, we prioritized choosing shoes that provided ample support and cushioning. We opted for comfortable sneakers or walking shoes that will endure several miles each day, especially since this is a camping festival.

Hydration is important for festival preparations. With hours of dancing, adrenaline-pumping performances, and the summer heat, we made it a priority to stay hydrated. We bought a refillable hydration pack to ensure we have access to water at all times. Tomorrowland, like most festivals, provides water stations throughout the festival grounds, allowing us to conveniently refill our bottles and stay hydrated without the need for plastic bottles.

Additionally, we included earplugs on our packing list. While Tomorrowland will offer an unforgettable auditory experience, the loud music and continuous performances may be overwhelming at times. We want to protect our hearing and ensure that we can enjoy the music to its fullest without any discomfort or potential damage.

Finally, we decided to get new outfits for the festival. From what we have seen Tomorrowland is not a rave-y festival and more modest attire seems to be the norm. I personally, decided to get myself a wardrobe of button down short sleeve shirts and shorts. More excitingly, we ordered some stylish Festisia shirts for ourselves and lucky festival goers.

While over in Europe, we also plan to indulge in the music and arts that Europe has to offer. These locations are all must see destinations from the research we have done! Individual blogs will come after each city as well.


Sky Garden: When we visit London, we plan to visit the Sky Garden. It’s a mind-blowing space at the top of a skyscraper, offering astounding views of the city. I can’t wait to immerse myself in the gardens, enjoy delicious food at the restaurants, and take some stunning photos of the view.

Leadenhall Market: Hidden in the heart of London, Leadenhall Market is a gem that I’m eager to discover. Leadenhall Market dates back to 1321 and was originally a meat, poultry, and game market which has been converted to a modern market with boutique retailers, restaurants, cafes, and more. After seeing this market in Harry Potter, I’m excited to wander through the market’s elegant alleys, take photos of the architecture, and explore the shops that the market has to offer.

Primrose Hill: Located in the heart of London, Primrose Hill is a charming park that offers a peaceful view of the city. I plan to take several panoramic photos and potentially enjoy a picnic there. The park is surrounded by gastropubs, tea rooms, and shops; which will allow us to explore after the park.


Van Gogh Museum: I’m a huge fan of art and am impressed with Vincent van Gogh’s mesmerizing artworks. This museum houses the largest collection of his paintings and drawings in the world. I’m eager to get up close to his masterpieces, learn more about his journey, and gain a deeper understanding of the incredible impact he had on the art world.

Anne Frank House: Our visit to Amsterdam wouldn’t be complete without paying tribute to the remarkable Anne Frank and her diary. I’m eager to step inside the Anne Frank House, where she and her family hid during World War II. Walking through the secret annex, reading her diary entries, and learning about the Holocaust will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on me and remind me of our dark history. After visiting the Holocaust museum several years ago, seeing the Anne Frank house will add to my historical knowledge.

Heineken Brewery w/ boat tour: As a beer lover, I am personally super excited for this one. With the Heineken Brewery tour, I’m excited to discover the secrets behind Heineken’s brewing process, indulge in some delicious tastings, and learn more about the company. Following the tour, we will relax on a boat, cruising along the Amsterdam canal while taking in the beauty of Amsterdam’s architecture.


Eiffel Tower: I can’t wait to scale to the top of the Eiffel tower, this magnificent structure has been seen by everyone, and I am excited to see it in person. While enjoying our champagne at the top, I know the Eiffel Tower will provide me with breathtaking views of the skyline and a true sense of the romance and beauty that the city is famous for.

Louvre Museum: The Louvre Museum in Paris is a must-visit for any art lover like myself. With its vast collection of world-famous artworks, including the enigmatic Mona Lisa, I’ll be stepping into a treasure trove of artistic wonders. I’m excited to wear my Mona Lisa shirt and eager to immerse myself in the rich cultural heritage of humanity, exploring the vast array of periods and civilizations represented in the museum’s exhibitions.


La Sagrada Familia: La Sagrada Familia is Barcelona’s architectural gem and it is calling my name. Antoni Gaudí’s masterpiece is a sight to behold, and I can’t wait to look at its intricate details and unique design. Stepping inside this historic piece of architecture will immerse me into design and art from our past.

Park Güell: This park is also designed by Antoni Gaudí and is a place I can’t wait to get lost in. Its sculptures, winding paths, and panoramic views of the city will create a magical atmosphere. I’m excited to explore this vibrant public park, taking in the beauty of Gaudí’s imagination and enjoying the charm and aesthetics that Park Güell has to offer.


Martin Garrix at Ushuaïa: Ushuaïa, located in Ibiza, Spain, is the ultimate party destination for music lovers. This is probably the stop of the trip that I am most excited for. Seeing the number one DJ in the world at one of the top party destinations in the world is going to be an unreal experience that I cannot wait for. This open-air venue has an electric atmosphere with a spectacular stage setup that will take the night to a whole new level.


Sintra National Palace: This palace is one of the world’s most magnificent palaces and a fairytale destination. I’m thrilled to step into this enchanting castle that looks straight out of one of my childhood storybooks. The palace’s vibrant exterior and lush surroundings will transport me to one of our historic pastimes, providing a glimpse into the extravagant lives of Portuguese royalty.

Belém Tower: I’m eagerly anticipating the opportunity to take in the stunning views of the Tagus River from this fortified tower. This tower served as a point of embarkation and disembarkation for Portuguese explorers and as a ceremonial gateway to Lisbon. I’ll be immersed in another opportunity to take jaw-dropping panoramas of the river and its surroundings, simultaneously absorbing the fascinating tales of Portugal’s Age of Discovery.

I cannot wait to share more details about each city and the music and arts we delve into. Of course there will be more random explorations that we have not planned. Stay tuned for more blogs about Tomorrowland and our 18 journey in Europe!

– Dub

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