The Double Life of Celebrities: Surprising Stars Behind the Decks

Dust off your record collection, pull on those glow-in-the-dark gloves, and amp up the bass! It’s time to delve into the head-spinning world of celebrity DJs, where the who’s who of Hollywood are trading in their scripts and sneakers for turntables and a chance to light up the dance floor.

First up, it’s “American Beauty” heartthrob, Ansel Elgort, also known as DJ Ansolo in the music world. When he’s not making us swoon on the silver screen, Elgort is busy dropping the beat at EDM festivals. With appearances at big-name events like the Electric Zoo Festival in New York, this actor-turned-DJ shows that his talents extend far beyond the movie set.

Next in the queue, we have the enigmatic Kristian Nairn. Known to millions as the gentle giant Hodor from “Game of Thrones”, Nairn’s post-Westeros life has been anything but quiet. His DJ tour, aptly named “Rave of Thrones”, has him spinning at events like Comic-Con, much to the delight of fans. It’s safe to say that, for this titan of the turntables, there’s no ‘holding the door’ on his music career.

Then, there’s Elijah Wood, a name synonymous with epic quests and rings of power. However, it’s under his DJ moniker, Wooden Wisdom, that Wood has been impressing audiences across the globe. A career that spans decades, Wooden Wisdom’s infectious tunes make it clear that there’s more to this Hobbit than meets the eye.

Keeping things interesting, our list wouldn’t be complete without the multi-talented Idris Elba. He may be an A-list Hollywood actor and a sex symbol, but he’s no stranger to the music scene either. Elba made a significant mark by spinning records at Coachella, proving his musical prowess alongside his acting skills. Elba has also recently taken a step back from acting to focus on DJing full time. 

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David Solomon is not your typical Wall Street tycoon. The Goldman Sachs CEO, otherwise known as DJ D-Sol, moonlights as an EDM artist, trading in his sharp suits for headphones and turntables. Despite the high-stress demands of the financial world, Solomon never misses a chance to indulge his passion for house music. His Beatport chart “Feel Alive,” featuring uplifting and melodic house tunes, managed to amass considerable attention, a testament to his considerable DJ skills. In 2019, Solomon made his debut at the KAOS nightclub in Las Vegas, dropping beats instead of stock tips. This Wall Street boss knows how to mix business with pleasure, masterfully juggling his executive duties with late-night DJ gigs.

Adrien Brody is another name that’s been spinning heads and records alike. The Oscar-winning actor has proven that his talents extend beyond the silver screen and onto the decks. Even just recently spinning the decks at the Cartier event. The ‘Pianist’ star has graced various DJ booths, spinning an array of eclectic tunes that reflect his deep appreciation for music.

And talking of Paris Hilton, the heiress and reality TV star has been carving out a serious DJ career for herself, despite being the punchline for many a DJ joke. Her dedication paid off when she won ‘Best Celebrity DJ’ at the Dancestar Awards in 2004, and she even landed gigs all over the world.

Rounding off our list is Matt LeBlanc, who briefly stepped out of his lovable Joey role from ‘Friends’ to try his hand at DJing during London Fashion Week 2010. While it might seem like a wild pivot, LeBlanc’s brief stint behind the decks shows just how pervasive the DJ craze has become amongst celebrities.

The world of DJing and celebrities intertwine in the most unexpected ways. From actors to sports legends, it seems that the lure of the decks, the thrill of the crowd, and the pulsating rhythm of the beat are irresistible, no matter who you are. As the music world continues to evolve, we can’t wait to see who else might surprise us with a hidden DJ talent! So, next time you’re at a festival or club, take a second glance at the DJ booth. You never know – you might just spot your favorite celebrity spinning the decks!

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