Tip Top: The Latest Festy Treat

I’m not the craziest drinker at music festivals, and there’s a few reasons for that. It’s either that I’m paying for the boring option of Coors Light and White Claw, or I’m paying $20 for a watered-down Margarita. To me, it feels like a lose-lose situation on most occasions. I’m picky with my drinks, and that means I need a creative cocktail in a can – the perfect balance of anything a festival could offer. Before trying Tip Top, my most recent memorable alcohol moment is when I drank too many Yuzu-Tangerine hard seltzers in a row at Elsewhere in Brooklyn. That was incredible, and it only made me more passionate to see this creativity brought to more festival spaces. There’s obviously plenty of reason festivals don’t bring much alcoholic innovation to the table, so that’s why camping festivals where we can bring our own choices take precedence over any day fest. Here’s why:

At Bonnaroo, the Festisia community decided on a drink that we would all contribute by bringing in. It was a company I hadn’t heard of before: Tip Top Proper Cocktails. They were these tiny little cans with an option of either an Old Fashioned, Espresso Martini or Margarita, and not to mention the cutest damn packaging I’ve ever seen. I’m a freak for miniature things, so I obviously dove in. With the ample amount of supply, we created an entire bar-style environment out of it. I role-played bartender for all of the fellow campers, blasting music and getting my base-line bartending skills on. My go-to for the weekend ended up being the margarita with lots of seltzer water for that perfect hydrating summer mixie. The espresso martini was a lifesaver, because we were scarce of caffeine but the alcoholic version was a godsend in times of partying pride. I’m not an Old Fashioned-girl but I heard marvelous things from the older dudes… 

Honestly, mixed drinks in a can are completely underrated, and that became visible when we had finished them all before the weekend’s halfway mark. I love exploring and experimenting at music festivals, and this was just one way to do it. My storytelling should become a memo for more seltzer and cider representation on the festival drink menu. But it also should show that, with the smart selection of alcohol, the weekend will be chefs kiss. These Tip Top cocktails were merely a symbol of the festival-loving community coming together for fun and play. They brought in new curious faces and became the conversation starter. We all crave new and fresh experiences, and with the choice of a unique beverage, it can be exactly that. 

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