The Vendors Taking Over Shakedown: Part 3

With only 5 stops left on Dead & Company’s final tour, here is the last batch of shakedown vendors to check out on lot this summer! If you missed parts 1 and 2, peep them here: Shakedown Vendors: Part 2 

Shakedown Vendors: Part 2

This Old Engine


This Old Engine is the is the graphic design and illustration studio of Danny Evans—a multidisciplinary designer that specializes in brand development, designing-for-print media, illustration & merchandise design. Whether it be a concert poster, band t-shirt or logo for a new business – his work promotes the uses of many different creative styles; utilizing cartoon-inspired hard line work, illustrated scenes & characters, simple logos, digital bitmaps & collage – as well as eye-catching headlining & supporting type work. He’s done work for Rayland Baxter, Dogs in a Pile, The Sam Grisman Project and more.

Fad Albert



Alaina is one of my biggest influences in the scene. Fire merch and even more fire memes. She and her husband Nick make some amazing shirts and stickers, and if you don’t have a shirt by Fad, I highly recommend taking a pause here and checking out her shop to scoop something. If you’re ever in the Boston area, stop by their record shop ‘Deep Thoughts JP’ for some of the best vinyl finds out there, and maybe even catch a show by their band—Owsley’s Owls.

Dyer on the Mountain



Aptly named, Jenn aka Dyer on the Mountain resides in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of PA. Even more beautiful than the scenery there are her mind-blowing dyes. Jenn takes garment-dying to the next level, breaking boundaries with style and her use of negative space. She specializes in made-to-order ice and tie dye and (if you’re like me) will take your favorite pre-loved clothing, put a fresh dye on it, and send them back!

Lemonlight Tie Dyes


Luke is another great tie dyer coming up and making a name for himself. He does dyes for a ton of different vendors in the scene. Luke was gracious enough to hook us up with some custom dyed tapestries for our festival season this year that we hung proudly at Bonnaroo and Electric Forest. 




Have you ever imagined what the ‘heady’ version of your favorite cartoon character would look? Look no further than Toon. Think hippie Spongebob or Deadhead Cosmo and Wanda and every character in between. Deven also has may be one of the youngest vendors on lot, but is already a brilliant designer and ahead of his years.


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