The Undercards Playlist: Bonnaroo


It’s no debate that Bonnaroo pulls in some of the biggest names and best performers for their headlining slots year in and year out, but those in the know understand that it’s the undercards—the artists simmering beneath the surface of mainstream recognition—who are the real jewels of the festival. These are the artists who, in the sweltering Tennessee heat, deliver blistering performances that etch their names in the memories of those lucky enough to witness their sets. They’re the ones turning the smaller stages into electric atmospheres of discovery, often stealing the show and leaving an indelible impression on festival-goers’ experience. We all look back at that unforgettable set where we saw a now headlining act perform on a more intimate stage—back when they were just a small name on the poster they now sit atop.

A dive into this year’s undercard acts reveals a treasure trove of diverse talent, each poised to make their own mark at ‘Roo. From the soulful 60’s retro vibes of Thee Sacred Souls, the trio who have been climbing the festival circuit with their R&B grooves, to powerfully moving vocals of singer/songwriter Danielle Ponder, there are hidden gems scattered across the lineup in 2023. While these artists may not have the same recognition as the headliners yet, they embody the spirit of Bonnaroo – a celebration of creativity, diversity, and the power of music. So, when you find yourself at The Farm this summer, venture away from the main stages. The true heartbeat of Bonnaroo lies in its undercard, and trust me, you don’t want to miss it.

Check out our Undercard Playlist below to get to know some of these artists before you catch them at Roo!

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