The Ultimate Anti-Theft Festival Hydropack


Have you ever dreamed of keeping your valuables safe, staying hydrated throughout the day at a festival, AND looking cool while doing it? Well, your dreams just became a reality. The RaveRunner Hydration Pack by GenZ is the ideal festival backpack. Not only is it anti-theft, but it was designed for comfort with ravers in mind. Other hydropacks on the market aren’t anti-theft or customizable. GenZ sets themselves apart by taking style, functionality, and safety into account. 


Retailing at $81.99, the RaveRunner Hydration Pack can be customized to your liking. There are a ton of different color options to choose from, like holographic, trippy purple, clear, and more! You can also upload your own image and print out a detachable skin.

In addition to the color options, there are extra add-on gadget options. Some of them require additional fees. You can add a disco light that fits perfectly on the underside of the bag. You can also add a light-up wire to thread through the pre-placed loops on the outside of the bag. The bag also comes equipped with some velcro in case you choose to add on a solar panel charger. You’ll never have to carry around a heavy portable charger again! GenZ also offers style chains on their site to further customize your backpack

Anti-Theft Functionality  

The colors are cool, but staying safe from theft is even cooler. There are two large compartments on the bag. One is for your water bladder, and the other compartment is for item storage. All of the zippers on the bag are inverted, which prevents anyone from opening your bag. The largest compartment can’t even be accessed without taking off your bag. If you thought it can’t get any better from here, think again! The bag is made with slash-proof nylon. You’ll never have to worry about tricky thieves again. 

There are mesh pockets on the straps of the bag, which are the perfect size to fit your phone or a water bottle. (Yes, they even fit the IPhone MAX sizes.) On the strap, you’ll also find one secret pocket that could be used for storing a pair of keys, credit cards, or an extra kandi bracelet… just in case. You’ll also find two mesh pockets on the side of the backpack, giving you even more storage options.


Now let’s talk about staying hydrated. We all know how important it is to stay hydrated at a festival, especially if it’s hot outside. Standing in a sweaty crowd is sure to make you thirsty quickly. The backpack has a 2-liter water bladder. This is definitely enough for you to make it through multiple sets. The bladder itself is very durable, and it’s easy to use. There is even a lock on the water tube to ensure water doesn’t leak out when not in use.

Don’t worry, I know there’s nothing more annoying than getting to a water station and having to rip your water bladder out of your bag to fill it. GenZ designed the water bladder to be easily refillable. No more wasting time over at the water station. You’ll be in and out fast enough to refill water in between sets.

For post-festival cleaning, the water bladder is easily removable. You essentially just open the back of the backpack and pull it out to clean it. 

User Experience 

As a proud owner of the RaveRunner hydration pack, I can attest to its comfort and how user-friendly it is. The fabric on the pack is very soft and feels nice on the skin. I usually bring a pashmina, my wallet, baby wipes, knick-knacks to hand out, a large portable charger, chapstick, and other small items with me. All of my items fit so easily in the pack, leaving me with plenty of room for even more items if I need anything else. I always utilize the mesh pockets on the backpack straps to store my phone, so I know where it is at all times. They’re also nice if you have a drink and need to free up your hands for a second. Even with all those items in my backpack, I find it to be super comfortable, and I forget I’m even wearing it. I get crazy with the dance moves, and it doesn’t interfere at all.

I am a very thirsty person, and I usually only have to refill my bag 2-3 times for an entire festival day. Every time I go to the water station to refill, I have other ravers come up to me and ask me where I got my backpack because of how easy it is to refill. It’s so nice to be able to refill so quickly without any hassle.

I’ve had my backpack for two years now, and it’s still going strong. The pack is extremely durable, and I’ve never had any issues with any of the features failing. After the festival, it’s super easy to clean as well. I personally wipe down the outside of the bag with some Lysol wipes and then remove the bladder for cleaning. 

GenZ has some of the best customer support I’ve ever experienced! I have the first generation version of the bag, and I had an issue where I broke my mouth nozzle, and after explaining the situation, they sent me a replacement for free! They offer bladder replacement pieces on their site for a small fee in case you happen to break yours. Now that they’ve updated the bag, you shouldn’t have any issues.


The RaveRunner Hydration Pack by GenZ is the ultimate festival backpack. It blends style, functionality, and safety. At $81.99, with a ton of customizable add-on options, it is well worth the price. The pack comes equipped with slash-proof nylon, inverted zippers, multiple storage compartments, and a 2-liter water bladder. The easy-refill design ensures a hassle-free water refill experience. As a satisfied owner for two years, I can vouch for the pack’s durability and ‘coolness,’ as well as the outstanding customer support from Genz. There are no other backpacks on the market that can compete with the Rave Runner Hydropack. The RaveRunner Hydration Pack will elevate your festival experience. Stay hydrated and safe from theft while you dance the night away.

– Christine Malecki; IG: @christinemalecki 

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