The Portola Artist Bible (Pt. 2)


2:00 p.m.: Azzecca, Chaos In The CBD, Very Nice Person, Winston Surfshirt, Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupil 

Azzecca continues to evolve Chicago electro culture with a distinctive underground style of the darker sides of house and techno. See her true element at ARC After Dark to get a taste of what she’ll bring to SF. 

Chaos In The CBD are not only the hottest Kiwi duo, but know how to work the decks in a very smooth and synergetic way. I mean they’re twins for crying out loud, how could they not administer the flow

If you’re looking for your next up and coming artist, Very Nice Person is ready for you. With small recognition, but definitely a deep cut, the producers know how to mesh California indie life with electro and even a dash of hyper pop. 

A great transition to discuss is Winston Surfshirt, who will start your day off with some Australian chill funk. The band gives us this vintage feel of hip-hop and R&B, although they manage to encompass psychedelic pop too. If you want to maximize your time at the fest and don’t have anyone on the agenda already, I’d go check them out. 

You can catch me at sexy and Belgian duo Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupil, where I’ll be living my best life. Their project Tropical Dancer is, in my opinion, one of the greatest experimental electro pop albums of the last couple of years. They’re inventive, witty and their collaborative music is perfect for a warehouse venue. 

3:00 p.m.: Jayda G, Sam Gellaitry (DJ Set), yeule, Little Simz

Give it up for Queen Jayda G, who creates the most comfortable dance setting to vibe out solo, or with your friends, strangers, whoever. Her smooth transitions and efforts in music not only transition through melody but also through the intersection of environmentalism. That’s right, she’s an avid caretaker and toxicologist of our sweet plant, so why wouldn’t you want to embrace all aspects of love and harmony at her set? 

Sam Gallaitry will be blessing us with his inspiration and taste as a DJ, which after learning of his synesthetic abilities, we’re taking the sensational route on this journey. His produced songs are one godly element of his mind, but the surprise factor of what he’ll decide to spin for us can be even more of a page turner. His Boiler Room London set sure took me somewhere. 

For the festies craving the darker side of the multi genre gurus, yeule is here to share their alternative glitch electronica. The truth is, we have no idea what to expect, but the fact is that their stunning presence will blow us away nonetheless. 

I will most definitely be at Little Simz, as I’ve been chasing her for a while now. A dream comes true. The British rapper is about to grace us with her flow, I mean one I’ve never experienced before. I believe there is a crossover with her music and the majority of music represented at Portola. The bars and stories she shares are fluid in the entire Portola story arc. 

4:00 p.m.: Skin On Skin, Jockstrap, Pabllo Vittar, Thundercat 

We’re being blessed with more UK house and techno! Skin On Skin is making their appearance and brings in the higher BPMs but also that so-craved UK Drill that we embrace. Also to mention, what a fun and higher reaching personality, like the sweet intro from their Boiler Room set. 

English music duo Jockstrap is bringing some pop to the scene with their inventive, dramatic and clever. This might be the perfect time to switch up the electro-heavy scene before you’re indulging for the next few hours. 

Of course Portola had to bring drag to the house! Brazilian queen Pabllo Vittar is showing SF, an iconic queer community, what international death drops sound like. Working with several huge pop icons, Pabllo will undoubtedly be the star of the show this weekend. 

I’ve been trying to track down Thundercat for years now. Years. It’s finally happening, and you bet I will be there at this hour. It’s going to be groovy, funky, simply straight vibes. 

5:00 p.m.: Avalon Emerson, Kavinsky, Masego, Rina Sawayama 

One of the few SF-locals, Avalon Emerson, is representing us on Sunday eve with her global sound after playing residencies in iconic spaces like Berghain in Berlin. We’re all anticipating the SF flair, and she’s most definitely going to bring the underground music scene that we all hear about. 

Motioning towards French house and heavy synth, Kavinsky will shine with his reminiscent 80’s pop tracks, and take us back through time, like in his Corona Capital set. The wonderful thing about electronic music is that you can move back and forward in time, all at once. So if you want to be refreshed by vibrant time capsules, go hit it. 

The modern-day sax king, Masego, is not only going to serenade us with his instrument, but his angelic voice. He delivers the same brain tickles and levitating moments that electronic music brings, but considerably a tad bit sexier. It’s alllll nat-ur-aaaal. His Tiny Desk is enough said. Imagine that voice in a reverberated warehouse, almost like a choir. 

Possibly the baddest b*tch all weekend long, Rina Sawayama, who has been doing heavy festival touring this year, is everything girl rock, punk, raunch sexy fun. She knows how to sell a performance with her lust and moves. 

6:00 p.m. Todd Derje (DJ), 2manydjs (Live), Basement Jaxx (DJ Set)

Conflict here, uh oh!

Todd Derje is DJing! Getting into Norwegian electronica, hints of synth and fluttery beats will tickle your inner ears. But, the surprise element of him bringing us new groovy IDs is coming to the table. 

The Soulwax legends are coming and I’m so excited that I’m seeing them twice for a Portola after party. 2manydjs know the balance of eccentricity and dance. It’s easy to accidentally distance yourself from music’s quirky side, but if you want crazy IDs and two old guys spinning heat for you, you must go. One of my favorite sets of all time is from Splendour XR

Basement Jaxx is a hard one to miss. End your night with yet another legendary duo that brings the perfect close to Day Two. Who knows what they’ll be hitting us with

7:00 p.m.: Bonobo (DJ), Labrinth, Kenny Beats, JYOTY

The British are coming back! In the realm of electronic music, where creativity knows no d innovation is paramount, Bonobo has emerged as a maestro of enhancing soundscapes. His journey through the realms of music is a testament to the fusion of genres and relentless pursuit of sonic resonance. He is a soul catcher with his distinctive blend of electronic, ambient and world music.  

Another British artist celebrating boundary-pushing music and creative genius tendencies,  or you may formerly know him from his Euphoria soundtrack, Labrinth in showing up and traversing the realms of R&B, pop, electronic and hip-hop. His artistry is a testament to an unwavering commitment to innovation.  

Continuing to define and evolve the contemporary rap scene is no one other than Kenny Beats, who has produced hits for artists such as Vince Staples, Rico Nasty, and Denzel Curry, just to name a few. Kenny has this infectious enthusiasm for the creative process, if you haven’t already checked out “The Cave” series on YouTube. He’s about to bring the HEAT. 

8:00 p.m.: Charlotte de Witte, Róisin Murphy, Skrillex, Tokischa 

If you want to experience absolute bass bombs being dropped on the warehouse, then head over to Charlotte de Witte. I experienced her for the first time last weekend at CRSSD, and never have I felt an energy so intensely with the crowd. Missiles every minute, you wouldn’t want it to end. 

Róisin Murphy just released a project, Hit Parade, with DJ Koze, so we already know that there is a potential duel appearance this weekend. Murphy grants the ability to bridge haute art sensibility with raunchy tendency. She is extremely fluid as an artist, and I guarantee you’ll want to get a taste of her this weekend. 

Of course the festival must close out with Skrillex! He’s absolutely timeless as we can all tell with his consistent run. Ready to get dub heavy. 

We gotta celebrate LatinX heritage month with singer and rapper, Tokischa. Get down with her raggaetone spunk and close out the weekend with some swerve hip releases. 

9:00 p.m.: Carl Cox Hybrid Set, Little Dragon, The Blaze

The OG Carl Cox is doing a hybrid set of live and mix, which I know the Festisia team is jealous of. Cox is a musical envoy with deep roots in acid house, an advocate for techno and dance, and a proprietor of his own label, and the reigning monarch of Ibiza. Experience one of British EDM’s most passionate and committed.  

I will be with Little Dragon, where I plan to be serenaded with soul and jazzy vibrancies. The Swedish band, which originally formed in the mid-90’s, carries a type of grace and synergy that can only be found in their unique sound. Check their Tiny Desk for a peak, but I know that Portola will be a fresh and magical setting to have this special experience. 

Take a trip to the more sensitive side of your soul. French duo, The Blaze, is closing out the night with intensity and intimacy. Time for reflection. 

Whoever you choose to see, is your path and your journey through the world of Portola. Never a wrong choice as long as you follow the beats that speak to your soul!

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