THE DRUMSHEDS: A New Dawn in London’s Music Scene


In the wake of the iconic Printworks’ closure, the city’s heartbeat needed a new home. It seems that heartbeat might just have found its rhythm again with the advent of THE DRUMSHEDS. Backed by the same masterminds who birthed Printworks, this new haven is already being lauded as the next big thing for London’s music enthusiasts. But what’s the hype all about?

Spanning an impressive 608,000 square feet, THE DRUMSHEDS is not just a music venue; it’s a mammoth cultural center set to redefine London’s electronic music landscape. Situated in North London’s industrial Meridian Water zone, the former BOC gasworks now consist of four massive, interconnected warehouses. Together, they offer an indoor capacity of 10,000, making it one of the largest indoor venues in the city. But the grandeur doesn’t end there; it further sprawls over 10 acres of outdoor space. And the location? Ingeniously chosen, away from residential areas, which translates to events running louder, longer, and later than most places in the city.

The venue offers a tantalizing promise of three primary stages or rooms – X, Y, and Z. Each bearing its distinct vibe, they combine to offer something for every electronic music lover.Image

X Room – Drumsheds Twitter

“Absolute scenes at Enter the Realm,” someone had mentioned on Twitter, followed by names that every dance music enthusiast would recognize: Gorgon City, Korolova Musik, SG Lewis. While the tweet paints a picture of exhilaration, one can only imagine the electrifying atmosphere inside those vast warehouse spaces. That recent event seems to have been a testament to DRUMSHEDS’ potential.

Beyond just the space and the sound, the shows lined up at DRUMSHEDS are a testament to its ambition. Following the monumental “Enter the Realm”, next weekend promises another musical spectacle. A tweet hinted at the impending musical marathon by UK clubbing institution BuggedOut, featuring headliners like Hot Chip and Orbital. The juxtaposition of seasoned artists with fresh talent suggests a perfect blend of the classic and contemporary, set to reverberate through DRUMSHEDS’ walls.

Word on the street has it that DRUMSHEDS’ opening season is set to showcase 12 massive shows, featuring an eclectic mix of renowned names from the dance music world and emerging stars.

At the end of the day, while DRUMSHEDS might have massive shoes to fill, given Printworks’ legacy, it’s carving out its niche. It isn’t just a venue; it’s a symbol of London’s resilience and adaptability in the music and cultural sectors.

In essence, DRUMSHEDS is shaping up to be more than just another music venue; it’s poised to be an experience, a journey. For those who’ve witnessed the rise and setting of Printworks, the curiosity is palpable. And for the uninitiated? Well, if the streets of London could talk, they’d probably whisper: “Keep an eye on DRUMSHEDS; it’s where history will be made.”

For those ready to embark on this new musical voyage, the lineup seems promising, diverse, and pulsating with energy. While we might not have set foot in DRUMSHEDS or Printworks, the collective sentiment resonating through tweets, whispers, and anticipatory murmurs paints a vivid picture. A picture of a venue set to be the heartbeat of a city that never truly sleeps, especially not on its music.

Upcoming Shows at Drumsheds

Bugged Out! – October 21 

Elrow Horrorween – October 28

Worried About Henry – November 11 

Camelphat Present – November 25

False Idols – December 2

BICEP curate The Hydra – December 8

KNTXT London – December 9

Mas Tiémpo – December 16

When does the DRUMSHEDS winter season end? DRUMSHEDS winter season ends on December 16, with a big send-off from Mercury Prize-winning rapper and DJ Skepta. 

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– Scene Kid

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