Tales of Roo: A Playlist

Playlist curation is one of the most faithful practices of melomaniac storytelling. It’s developing the perfect scientific formula for instant nostalgia and serotonin. It’s the magic variation of your famous dinner recipe. Not the one everyone loves, but with a twist, creating a completely different experience from their first time trying it. Whatever the approach to your concoction is, how is the recipient feeling what you convey, what you really want them to know? How are you blending song, story, and sensation?(

With this year’s Bonnaroo lineup, names familiar were paired with underground artists that had the secret sauce to completing your strategically planned weekend agenda, or hopefully they disrupted it. This playlist, without a genre or particular theme in mind, is meant to guide you through this year’s sensual landscapes of the festival grounds, the questions of WHAT? and WHICH? with answers like THIS and THAT, and of course, racing heart beats and belly laughs. 

Although you’ve had your individual festival experiences, remember that music discovery has no end. The first 10 songs of this playlist (SIDE A) are unrelated to the lineup – songs I listened to on my way to the campgrounds, pushing myself from familiar feelings to a weekend of the Unknown. SIDE B, the following 20 songs, are an aural explanation of where the hidden secrets of another Bonnaroovian masterpiece were. Listen to my story, and create a story of your own. 

Check the playlist here: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4QA5FRlYPFBWjWyuAkCK7k?si=19837d02b236487e

Discover a new artist. Never stop searching. Happy Roo!

– Rachel

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