Rating 2023 Festival Trading Trends

With each year comes different trends, and after being at a few different festivals this year, other than classic Kandi, I’ve noticed the sharing and wearing of several accessories and gifts, and I’m here to rate them: 

Sprout Clips: 10/10

These have probably been the highlight of my festival experience. Looking around and seeing festivals goers have little mushrooms and flowers in their hair absolutely precious – It truly brings the creatures-of-the-forest concept to life. They’re small, easy to hand out or trade, and you can pin them literally anywhere. The moment I realized I fell in love was at Electric Forest when I noticed a passed out man, taking a deep deep snooze. Festival goers would come up to him one-by-one and clip a sprout to his sun hat. They blessed him with the nurturing nature of the Forest. How sweet. 

See what I mean here.

Miniature rubber duckies: 8/10

Maybe it’s because I love miniature things, but a tiny rubber ducky to place in someone’s hand is yet another cherish able moment of sharing playful innocence. It’s something fun to hold onto while you enjoy the brain tickles of amplifying lighting and sound. They’re the easiest toy to pass around, even to throw a bunch in the air on a beat drop! The one thing I will say is they can get lost easily. 

Another great example

Cards and paper alike: 10/10

As we all know, people get extremely creative at festivals, and I’ve seen a great amount of creative gift giving and trading with cards. I’ve received several, and just to name a few, I’ve gotten a personal fortune, a ticket from ‘security’ for being “too damn awesome”, a Pokemon character that symbolizes my momentary energy, and many more. It feels extremely personal when exchanging such a moment between loving strangers, and you’ll want to hold onto that card for however long it resonates with you. For people to take the time to write out a bunch o unique messages or ideas is the true essence of what makes festival culture such a special community. 

Festie LSP received an exclusive EF Benjamin!

Googly eye rings: 7/10 

These rings are everywhere, and they’re traded so fast and easily. There’s no need to struggle slipping it off your finger and onto the next person’s, but it’s a simple open and close situation, and one size fits all! They personify our hands with makeshift faces and they’re silly, sharing a good laugh exchange. 

Stickers: 9/10

You can’t really ever go wrong with a sticker, unless it has no meaning. As long as the sticker proves a kind of visual stimulation or thought provoking response, then its serves the right purpose. As long as it is given with love and received with love, then it serves the right purpose. Who doesn’t love a festival sticker collection? The memories will stick! 

See how they can even be useful at the festival

Festisia Cosmic Caravan necklace: 10/10

I feel extremely special to be part of the Festisia team and witness the unique necklaces handed out to festival lovers and community advocates. Young & Sick, the visual artist that gives Festisia its allure and gravitational pull, created his interpretation of the Cosmic Caravan, filled with vibrant colors and intricate details. Those who received the dog chain by surprise are now our homies for life, and this exchange is a sincere example of the element of art and surprise. 

These trading gifts are a fantastic way to connect and share moments with the like-minded people and loving community around you. I highly recommend that if you haven’t shared a moment like this yet, go out and spoil your fellow festies, make them happy. But if you have, what has been your favorite trading experience? 

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