Outside Lands: The Musical Oasis of San Francisco

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Nestled amidst the coolness of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, Outside Lands has stood as one of the premiere west coast festivals for 15 years now.  Since its inauguration in 2008, the festival has offered more than just music. It has created a haven for artists of every genre, foodies, wine enthusiasts, and anyone looking to lose themselves in creativity for one magical weekend. 

Dive into the History

The tale of “Outside Lands” traces back to the intricate tapestry of San Francisco’s vibrant past. Before the glittering skyscrapers and bustling trams, before the cityscape was speckled with countless colors, the expanse known today as Golden Gate Park was originally called “Outside Lands.” This piece of land, untouched and sprawling, existed just beyond the reach of San Francisco’s bustling city center until it was annexed in 1866. The festival, christened with this evocative name, pays homage not only to the park’s geographical roots but also to its historical and cultural significance.

The narrative of Outside Lands the festival, much like the city in which it takes place, is one of evolution, growth, and unyielding spirit. In its inaugural year, attendees were enraptured by the haunting strains of Radiohead, setting a precedent for the caliber of artists to follow. It wasn’t just about the music; it was about creating moments, moments that attendees would reminisce about for years to come. One such moment was the sheer magic of witnessing a legend like Paul McCartney command the stage, making time seem to stand still, if only for a few hours.

However, the festival’s commitment goes beyond just curating unforgettable musical experiences. In a world grappling with climate change and environmental challenges, Outside Lands took a decisive stand. Enter “Eco Lands”, an embodiment of the festival’s dedication to sustainability. This section not only promotes green initiatives but actively educates festival-goers about the importance of environmental consciousness. Through interactive displays, workshops, and eco-friendly choices, “Eco Lands” becomes a testament to the festival’s vision of combining entertainment with responsibility.

The Line Up & Schedule Breakdown

Full Lineup

Every year, thousands descend upon the park, their hearts open to the adventures each day promises. Let’s break down some key performers for this year’s edition

Friday August 11th

Leading the first day’s lineup is the critically acclaimed Kendrick Lamar, ensuring an explosive start. Next in line is the multi-talented Janelle Monáe, fresh from the success of her latest album, “The Age of Pleasure.” EDM enthusiasts can anticipate an electrifying set from Zedd.

Emerging talents are plentiful on this day. WILLOW, with her genre-defying style, and J.I.D, known for his deep lyricism, are among the acts to watch. And for a touch of international flair? Look no further than K-Pop sensations, aespa. The day promises an unexpected twist with basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal performing as DIESEL.

Friday Highlight Acts:

Kendrick Lamar – Janelle Monae – Zedd -J.I.D – WILLOW- Claptone – Interpol – BLOND:SH – Motel Club – YaYa Bey – Diesel 

Friday Schedule

Saturday August 12th

The second day takes a rock and indie turn. Foo Fighters and Lana Del Rey are set to headline, bringing their legendary sounds. Lana’s fresh from her newest release, and her melodies are sure to captivate the audience. Another artist to watch is Maggie Rogers, the indie-pop sensation.

Other notable performances include the mystic folk vibes of Father John Misty and the entrancing beats of Nora En Pure. L’Impératrice, the French pop-disco sensation, is one not to miss!

Day 2 Highlight Acts:

Foo Fighters – Lana Del Rey – Maggie Rogers – FISHER – Jessie Murph – Lovejoy – MANILLA GREY – Eddie Zuko – Bob The Drag Queen – L’Impératrice – Daniel Avery 

Saturday Schedule

Sunday August 13th

The festival’s final day offers a delectable genre spread. Electronic aficionados have ODESZA to look forward to, while fans of indie pop have The 1975. Rap fans won’t be disappointed with the likes of Megan Thee Stallion and Lil Yachty.

Other standout acts include the thought-provoking rhymes of Tobe Nwigwe and the soul-stirring melodies of Joy Oladokun.

Day 3 Highlight Acts:

Odesza – The 1975 – Megan Thee Stallion –  Lil Yachty – Tobe Nwigwe – Noah Kahan – Coco & Breezy – Kryptogram 

Friday ScheduleNo photo description available.

Photo: Outside Lands

Food, Art, and Beyond

While the tunes may steal the spotlight, Outside Lands is an all-encompassing cultural celebration that extends far beyond music. Here’s a deeper dive into what awaits.

Culinary Extravaganza:
The festival doesn’t just tantalize your eardrums; it’s a genuine feast for the taste buds. A sprawling array of gourmet food trucks dot the landscape, offering everything from local delicacies to international favorites. Whether you’re in the mood for a savory treat or a sweet indulgence, the choices are as varied as the musical lineup. As the tantalizing aroma of grilled delicacies wafts through the air, festival-goers can enjoy anything from artisanal burgers to spicy tacos and more.

Wine Lands:
Nestled within the festival grounds, Wine Lands is a paradise for wine aficionados. Here, attendees can sip on some of the finest vintages from the region. Curated by top sommeliers, the selection promises a delightful exploration of bouquets and notes, from robust reds to crisp whites. It’s a chance to immerse oneself in the world of wine, set against the backdrop of soul-stirring music.

Artistic Wonders:
But it’s not just about taste and sound. The visual spectacle at Outside Lands is just as spellbinding. Artists transform Golden Gate Park into an expansive canvas, bringing to life a variety of installations that range from the abstract to the ethereal. As you wander the grounds, expect to be mesmerized by vibrant murals, interactive sculptures, and light installations that dance in time with the music. Each piece tells a story, inviting attendees to pause, interpret, and find meaning.

Photo: Young & Sick

Enter: The Electric Bubble Tea Test

As you wind your way through the park, there’s one spot you absolutely cannot miss this year: The Electric Bubble Tea Test. 

But what does The Electric Bubble Tea Test have in store?

Imagine stepping into a realm where art meets music in a vivid embrace. The combined efforts of the incredibly talented @youngandsick and the visionaries behind @thegrandartique guarantee that this will be among the most memorable parts of your festival journey. Your eyes will be treated to an array of psychedelic artworks, beautifully capturing the essence of the festival – a harmonious blend of sight, sound, and spirit. These visuals aren’t just passive exhibits but are carefully designed to make you feel, ponder, and maybe even get lost a little.

To make your visit even more special, early birds might have a delightful surprise awaiting them. For those who arrive with a spring in their step and eagerness in their heart, there’s a chance to snag exclusive, limited edition bandanas or intricately designed hand fans, all thanks to the creative genius of Young & Sick. So, while planning out your festival adventures, ensure The Electric Bubble Tea Test is marked with a big star. We hope you find us on your journey!

From its historical roots deeply entrenched in San Francisco’s narrative to the captivating performances by globally renowned artists, the event offers an unparalleled musical experience. And with unique additions like The Electric Bubble Tea Test, it seamlessly melds the worlds of art and music, promising attendees a weekend that will be both enchanting and memorable. Whether you’re a music aficionado, an art enthusiast, or someone simply looking for a magical escape, Outside Lands beckons you to be part of its rich history.

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