LP Giobbi: Rising Star and Femme House Pioneer

Lp Giobbi

Image: Jamal Eid

When you think of transformative forces in the EDM and festival scene, LP Giobbi undoubtedly tops the list. Over the past few years, she has catapulted from underground clubs to the main stages of the world’s most iconic festivals and venues. Seamlessly bridging classical artistry with new sounds, she’s not just a DJ; she’s a movement. Go to just one LP Giobbi show and you’ll be hooked. The passion she has for her craft is clearly made evident through her body language on stage, sporting one of the most infectious smiles in the entire live music scene, period. She consistently emanates positive energy directly into the crowd, creating one of the most open and fun show experiences out there. From piano virtuoso to festival headliner, let’s delve into the journey of this unstoppable musical maven. 

From Pianist to Producer

A classically trained pianist, LP Giobbi was never one to confine herself to a single genre or sound. Raised by two Deadhead parents, the festival culture was instilled in her from an early age. In fact, since birth–LP has never missed an Oregon Country Fair–the storied festival she would go on to headline this summer. Merging her technical prowess with an innate ear for the groove, she transitioned smoothly into the world of electronic music production. It was her unique fusion of house beats with intoxicating melodies that quickly caught the attention of music enthusiasts and industry giants alike. LP’s sonic versatility as a performer is unmatched. You can just as easily find her throwing down a “Dead House Set” at a jam-centric music festival as you can catch her keeping the heartbeat of an Ibiza set going all night. Not to mention, she has the most infectious smile in the music scene. It’s literally impossible to not 

Lp Giobbi

Image: Alex Varsa

Recent Triumphs

The last couple of years have been nothing short of phenomenal for LP Giobbi. From the euphoric drops on her latest original album “Light Places” to her remixed version of Jerry Garcia’s 1972 “Garcia” album (featuring incredible artwork from our good friend Young & Sick), her tracks have been lighting up dance floors and amassing streams in the millions. Collaborations with high-profile artists like Taylor Swift and record labels have only further cemented her position as one of the leading figures in the EDM world. 

LP Giobbi shares 'Light Places' ahead of US Airstream tour [Interview] :  Dancing Astronaut

Image: Sarah Northrop | SARTAKESPICS

Beyond her production accolades, Giobbi’s electrifying live performances have been the talk of the festival circuit. Whether it’s the neon-lit nights of Coachella, the legendary grounds of Tomorrowland, or the storied Oregon Country Fair, LP Giobbi is a must-see act in any setting. Her sets are an infectious blend of energy, passion, and unparalleled musicality – a testament to her dedication and love for the craft. This year, LP graced the Titanic’s End art car stage at Burning Man and delivered an otherworldly near 2-hour set. Watch it here if you haven’t already: LP Giobbi – Titanic’s End – Burning Man 2023


Empowering the Next Generation

LP’s influence extends beyond her beats. As a co-founder of Femme House, she’s a fierce advocate for women in the music industry, providing educational resources and mentorship opportunities. In an industry often criticized for its gender imbalance, LP Giobbi stands as a beacon of change, inspiring countless budding DJs and producers to chase their dreams. Her ascent to the pinnacle of the music festival scene isn’t merely a testament to her talent, but also her unwavering determination and vision. In a world where the next big thing is always around the corner, she’s consistently proven she’s here to stay. And if the recent past is any indication, the future holds even bigger, bolder, and louder triumphs for this rising sensation.

Where to Catch Her Next

Having just wrapped up her ‘Light Places’ US Tour, LP heads to Art Basel Miami for a festival set at Art With Me taking place in the historical Virginia Key Beach Park December 8 – 10th. Grab your ticket here while they’re still available! Looking beyond Art Basel, LP Giobbi has a stacked year-end schedule: On December 29th, she joins Sofi Tukker, Chloe Calliet & Cole Knight at the Brooklyn Navy Yard on (tickets available here), then heads to Vision NYE in Portland, OR on the 30th, and her monster 2023 year off with a NYE set at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco, CA along with Diplo and The Knocks (tickets to the event include an open bar!) Already slated for Dead Ahead in Mexico, Gem & Jam in Tucson, AZ, Pal Norte in Monterrey Mexico, and Texas Eclipse in Burnet, TX, look for LP Giobbi’s name to pop up across several multi-genre music festivals in 2024. 


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