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The 2024 festival season has already begun, and it’s time to start planning your next fest! Located in Thornville, Ohio, Lost Lands is a bass head’s dream. Tickets go on sale on January 19th, and the festival will take place September 20th-22nd. As a first-time Lost Lands attendee in 2022, there will definitely some items I wish I had thought of bringing. To ensure you have the best time at Lost Lands, here are some items I recommend packing. 


A portable shower is a MUST. I stayed in Camp Pterofactyl in 2022, and we had no running water Thursday and Friday. We had to resort to the baby wipe wook shower. When the water finally worked, the shower lines were over an hour long. You’re waiting in direct sunlight, and the showers have no time limit so, you never really know how long you’re going to be waiting. Once we got close to the front of the line, another trailer’s water stopped working. Everyone who was mid-shower in the other trailer had to cut us in line so they could finish their shower. This added another 40 minutes to our wait time. In addition, the water quality is not too great. If you have damaged hair like me, you may want to consider avoiding the paid shower as well. Consider buying a jug of water and using that to fill your shower for hair washing.


This is a must for any festival. You will be walking a lot at Lost Lands, and depending on the set and your location in the crowd, you will be very close to other people. An anti-theft hydropack will give you peace of mind knowing that no one can snatch your stuff and you can stay hydrated throughout the day. Water bottles are cheap at Lost Lands, but they can be very annoying to carry around. A hydropack will keep your personal items, water, and extra gear all in one place. 


PLUR is alive and well at Lost Lands! Almost every attendee had at least a few Kandi bracelets. I was trading my bracelets all weekend. I wish I had brought some more just to hand out to my fellow ravers. You can definitely acquire some Kandi if you don’t have any at Lost Lands, but I’d recommend making some beforehand and bringing it to trade and share. It is such a fun activity to get yourself excited for the festival. 


It gets cold at night in Lost Lands! In 2022, it got down to the low 40’s. I was not prepared to be so cold, so I had to make do and layer multiple sweatshirts and scarves. Unfortunately, it was so cold one night that I had to miss the end of Excision’s set to head back to my camp and get warm. Merch can be expensive inside the festival, so it’s so much easier to come prepared with a jacket or other outdoor clothing that you know will keep you warm. If you’re opting for a jacket, you could tie it around your waist during the day, store it in a backpack, or rent a locker so you don’t have to carry it around. 


Although there is food for sale in the campgrounds as well as inside the festival, it can get expensive. It is useful to bring at least some snacks with you that you keep inside your tent. Picking out what food items to bring can be difficult, especially if you have food allergies or food restrictions. You’re limited to shelf-stable items or items you can store in your own cooler. A few of our neighbors had portable stoves, and they definitely had the right idea. It opens you up to so many more food options, like soup, eggs, tea, coffee, and other cooked meals. If you’re a hungry person like me, I’d highly recommend considering investing in a portable stove. 


A ton of campsites had flags. This really helped us find our way back to our campsite. There weren’t that many directly near us, so we just followed a few we remembered to get back to our general area. At night, there isn’t a lot of light, so having a tall flag would help you find your site quickly. 


I don’t know if this is the correct term for it, but so many people have boxes behind their cars full of goodies. They had signs that said, “LEAVE ONE, TAKE ONE.” Some people even Brought decorated mailboxes. From these boxes, I got a ton of cool items. Kandi, necklaces, light-altering glasses, even beverages! It’s a great way to spread PLUR and the Lost Lands spirit. It’s also a great way to get rid of excess food or drink you know you won’t use in the last few days. One raver’s trash is another raver’s treasure! 


Inflatable couches were allowed both in the festival grounds and in the campgrounds. It would have been a great, easy thing to bring back and forth between your camp and the festival. Since there is a lot of walking, my feet were hurting by the end of the weekend. I will definitely be investing in one for my next camping fest! 


I attended Lost Lands with my best friend. Since it was just the two of us and we already talk all the time, we were running out of things to talk about by the end! I wish we had brought some games to play to keep us occupied in the mornings. The day can go by pretty slowly if you’re waiting for a specific set to start before entering the festival. Games can be a great way to meet your neighbors as well! Just invite them over to play with you. 


One thing I did not know about Lost Lands is that EVERYONE decorates their campsite. Luckily, my friend brought some tapestries and fairy lights to decorate. I would have never thought to add decor to my packing list. It really elevates your overall experience and makes your campsite feel more like home. People had things like tapestries, disco balls, fairy lights, solar-powered lights, flags, blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, and more! I’d highly recommend bringing a few pieces of decor to your first Lost Lands!

Although none of these items are necessary for your journey at Lost Lands, they will definitely enhance your experience. Preparing for a festival is so much more than just getting tickets and packing essentials! This guide can be used by first-timers or Lost Lands veterans. Have fun and stay safe! 

– Christine Malecki; IG: @christinemalecki 

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