Join the Festisia Writing Team: Document, Inspire, and Earn!

Calling All Festival Enthusiasts and Writers!

Are you passionate about festival culture? Do you have a knack for storytelling, a love for EDM, jam bands, or the vibrant world of festivals? If you’ve ever wanted to document your festival experiences and share them with a wider audience, Festisia offers you the perfect platform to share your story.

What is Festisia?

Festisia is more than just a platform; it’s a community dedicated to keeping the festival spirit alive every day of the year. We believe that festivals are more than just events; they are emotional, spiritual journeys that offer a kaleidoscope of ideas, relationships, and opportunities. At Festisia, we’re not just reliving these moments; we’re extending their magic into our daily lives.

Why Become a Festisia Content Creator?

As a Festisia Content Creator, you’re not just a writer; you’re a chronicler of the festival world. Your stories and insights provide a window into the festival experience, helping to create a more inclusive and inspiring community.

The Content We’re Looking For

Your voice is what makes your content unique. We’re looking for blog posts that delve into the heart of festival culture. Whether it’s a review of the latest EDM festival, a humorous recount of your festival adventures, an in-depth look at your favorite jam band, or DIY festival hacks and product reviews, your content should resonate with the festival community.

The Reward

For each blog post of 1,000 words, complete with 2 accompanying photos (with proper credits to photographers), you’ll earn $100. But that’s not all. If you’re up for the challenge and submit 3 blog posts within a week, you’ll earn an additional $100 bonus, taking your total weekly earnings to $400 for three blogs.

Get Started with Festisia

Ready to share your festival stories with the world? Click here to get started and submit your first blog. Dive into the editorial section on for inspiration and guidance on the type of content we love.

Remember, your stories have the power to inspire and connect. It’s time to turn your festival experiences into narratives that resonate with festival lovers everywhere. Join us, write with us, and let’s keep the festival spirit thriving all year round!

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