Introducing the FEST QUEST

Hey Festies! We’re excited to offer a new opportunity that pairs your passion with music, art and community, with the chance to create and celebrate the culture that we all call home.

Fest Quests are not designed to be your average festival experience. This is an adventure. Step outside your comfort zone, build new relationships, and tap into your creativity.

Do you want to share your vision with the world whilst two-stepping to the unique melodic motions of each destination? We got you 

Okay, so you’ve got the basics. Here are some key considerations before you start packing your bags.

• Participation in a Fest Quest requires that you take the objectives seriously, so read through them before you apply and make sure you understand the mission.

• While the objectives for each festival serve as a guide, your unique creative point of view is essential to completing the Quest.

• All Fest Quest participants will be selected solely based on their application, so make sure to highlight the value you can bring to this experience.

• Quality over quantity! Memorable experiences are once in a lifetime, so take some dance breaks so that your photos and videos aren’t shaky.

• We’ve got you covered – those who are selected will receive free tickets to attend the Fest Quest that they’ve applied for. How you get there will be a test of your Wookery 

Amsterdam Music Festival: 10.21.2023 Amsterdam Netherlands http://Lineup

Amsterdam Music Festival: where beats meet brilliance. Let’s join the party.

Complete by capturing a piece of content to verify the completion of each objective as a group:

• (1) Video of Armin Van Buuren

• (10) Videos or photos of the best Totems & Fest Fits

•  (1) Interview someone from Amsterdam who has been to an American Festival

• (10) Images of shows from the rail

• (1) Reel-style video walkthrough of venue

• (1) Video of Charlotte Dewitt performing

• (5) Pictures of the Main Stage

III Points 10.20-10.21 Miami, FLFriday Lineup

Miami knows how to create memories. Let’s make that memory last with a QUEST.

Complete by capturing a piece of content to verify the completion of each objective as a group:

• (3) Videos of Female DJ sets

• (3) Videos headlining sets

• (1) Set experience from the rail

• (1) Video highlighting a B2B

• (1) Video highlighting the Arc Car Stage

• (5) Images of the best totems at the festival

• (3) Interviews about Skrillex or Fred Again

• Bonus: Attend one of the several after-parties and Vlog the experience

Hulaween: 10.26-10.29 Live Oak Florida

In the heart of the Spirit of Suwanee Music Park, channel your inner wook and complete the QUEST.

Complete by capturing a piece of content to verify the completion of each objective as a group:

• (1) Video of The Saturday String Cheese Theme Set Gag

• (10) Videos or photos of the best Totems (quick videos are best for use in a reel)

• (1) First Person POV video playing a hand of Frick Frack Black Jack

• (10) Images of best fits (bonus if you interview them about it)

• (1) Reel style video walkthrough of Spirit Lake area including all the installations

• (1) Video of Pretty Lights set

• (5) Videos of your group costume. Come up with a group costume and spend a day in character interacting with people. This can be anything you dream up, so get creative!

• Bonus: Freestyle – bring a content concept to life

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! Here’s your chance to apply :

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