After an epic set at EDC Orlando in November last year, we sat down with Texas based Dubstep DJ and Producer RIOT TEN. In this exclusive interview we discuss his new EP, his creative process, and the future of Dubstep. 

  1. The title of your latest EP “Hype or Die: Ballistic” is well named as the tracks are in fact very hype and dark! What message or energy were you aiming to convey with the title and how does it resonate with the overall vibe of the track? 

Riot Ten: I wanted to get back to the heavier side of my sound. The last couple of years I experimented quite a bit. I dabbled in a few different genres and really tried to push my limitations. But at the end of the day, I always find myself wanting to go back to the bread n’ butter. I know my fans are going to appreciate it as well.

  1. What emotions are you hoping to evoke when you perform the EP live? How do you anticipate the crowd will react? 

Riot Ten: I always love a good “ooooo” when I play a song! So whatever emotion that is. For me it’s just about connecting with the audience. They are at my show to have a good time and forget about those real-life responsibilities- even if it’s temporary. I really hope my sets succeed in doing that for them.

  1. I’m very curious to know the story behind the name of your single, “Tekno Music” as “Techno with a K” has become a genre of its own these days, especially in Europe. Can you share your inspiration behind your new single “Tekno Music” and walk us through that creative process?

Riot Ten: Honestly had no idea techno with a K was its own genre. Haha I just wanted to switch up the spelling to show respect to the techno genre. 

  1. Your latest EP is comprised of elements of different electronic music genres. You’ve always been well known for blending a myriad of genres. What tips do you have for artists who want to experiment with different genres while at the same time maintaining their unique sound?

Riot Ten: Just have fun and don’t worry about “rules”. There are no boundaries with music. If you do what makes you happy, good things will come.

  1. Can you share with us any challenges or breakthrough moments that you experienced while working on “Hype or Die”? How did these experiences shape the final product? 

Riot Ten: Don’t think there were many challenges to be honest, although it did take some time to finish a few of the records. Some writers block here and there, but nothing a small break didn’t fix. This body of work also includes many collabs with some of my favorite up and coming producers. And working with others is one of the best ways to get over writers block- the ideas are never ending.

  1. When it comes to “genre bending” and mixing different sounds, do you ever experience pushback or feel pressure to stay true to one specific genre? 

Riot Ten: Yes absolutely, but I try not to pay it much attention. It’s more important to me that I am happy and doing what I love. And a big part of that is just being myself.

  1. The Dubstep sound has certainly evolved in the last 15 years or so especially in the United States, going from being underground to one of the most popular subgenres of electronic music. Where do you see the Dubstep sound going in the next five years? 

Riot Ten: That’s a tough one, but it feels like there is so much to look forward to. A lot of artists are pushing the envelope right now and bringing in a great deal of new energy. I’m just excited to see how it all transpires.

  1. The world of electronic music is constantly changing, especially now at a greater rate with social media. How do you navigate staying true to your unique style while also staying up to date on trends in the scene? 

Riot Ten: That part is really hard and honestly is very draining. It’s not about just music anymore, you have to be an “influencer” too. Ultimately I just try to stay true to myself and hope people vibe with it.

  1. What’s next for Riot Ten? Any upcoming projects or collaborations that your fans can look forward to?

Riot Ten: Have a few big collabs that I can’t really name but just know they’re gonna be dope! I also have a ton of huge Hype Or Die shows in early 2024 that we are gearing up for. Stacked lineups in some of my favorite cities in North America! Go to for details and tickets!

  1. Last question if you had to choose between never being able to play dubstep again or never eating a pickle again, what would you choose?

Riot Ten: I do love pickles but you know, dubstep is dubstep hahaha sorry pickles!

Connect with RIOT TEN

The new EP Hype or Die: Ballistic is out now! Click the links below to connect with RIOT TEN and check out his music. 



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By Amy Farina 


*This interview was originally published on EDM House Network

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