Illenium: The Ride from Bedroom Producer to Sold Out Stadiums

Illenium’s music journey is a wild ride, starting from a sushi delivery driver living in a regular suburban bedroom making beats to awe-inspiring heights of headlining major festivals and selling out arenas. Illenium, armed with borrowed software and inspired by a Bassnectar concert that lit a fire in his soul, embarked on a slow-burning ascent into the music industry. This was not an overnight explosion of fame; it was a journey of a bedroom producer meticulously crafting beautiful, melodic dance music that resonated with listeners seeking a soundtrack for their own struggles and triumphs.

Early on, Illenium’s sound caught attention. Labels started to notice, and his debut EP self titled EP came out in 2013 followed by his EP “Risen” in 2014 which made waves in the dance scene. Collaborations with Said the Sky and Sound Remedy expanded his audience. Taking his show on the road, Illenium not only honed his craft but also captivated audiences with live performances that were more than just music – they were immersive experiences. The energy from these shows spilled over into the online world, cultivating a dedicated fanbase on platforms like SoundCloud and YouTube.

Fast forward to 2016, and Illenium wasn’t just an up-and-comer; he was a force to be reckoned with. “Ashes,” his debut album, dropped and solidified his fanbase. Tracks like “Without You” and “Fortress” resonated deeply with listeners. His remix of The Chainsmokers’ “Don’t Let Me Down” became a global smash, boasting 136 million listens on SoundCloud today. This remix catapulted him into the spotlight, making him a household name in the dance scene. To keep the ball rolling in 2016, Illenium released a remix of Flume’s song “Say It”, which won the award for Remix of the Year at the Electronic Music Awards in 2017.

Collaborations with Halsey, Jon Bellion, and Bipolar Sunshine followed, adding new dimensions and listeners to his ever-evolving sound. “Awake,” his 2017 album, which charted at number three for top dance/election albums, further cemented his position as a leading figure in electronic music, exploring themes of love, loss, and resilience. It is one of Illenium’s most successful albums to date, helping him reach a wider audience.

Awards started pouring in like confetti at a rave. His 2019 album, “Ascend,” topped the Billboard Dance/Electronic Albums chart at number one. This led him to headlining Coachella and EDC Las Vegas, selling out Red Rocks Amphitheatre, and more – Illenium’s ascent seemed unstoppable, ultimately landing him on the Forbes 30 Under 30 2020 Music list. 

In 2021, Illenium released “Fallen Embers” which took a deep dive into his stories and past life. Songs from the album including “Hearts on Fire”, “First Time”, and “Blame Myself” took the festival circuit by storm the following year. This album won a grammy nomination for Best Dance/Electronic Album. 

After years conquering the music world and countless headlining shows, Illenium dropped his self-titled album: a raw, unapologetic dive into his soul. Every track pulsed with his journey, from bedroom beats to stadium lights, celebrating the darkness and embracing the light. It wasn’t just music, it was a victory cry, proving that anyone can dream big and find their own path through life.

But amid the heights of success, one thing remained constant – his connection with his fans. This connection takes center stage with his Trilogy shows which have occurred at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas and Mile High Stadium in Denver. These aren’t just concerts; they’re multi-hour immersions into Illenium’s emotional music and production. Each set features a diverse setlist spanning different eras of Illenium, surprise guests, and mind-blowing production, culminating in a shared journey of emotions. The upcoming Trilogy in Los Angeles spans two back-to-back nights, and the tickets are close to sold out – a testament to his music and fan base.

So, what’s the secret sauce that has millions hooked and has fans traveling all across the world? Perhaps it’s his vulnerability he pours into his music, the ability to convey his pain, experiences, emotions through beautiful melodic music. Maybe it’s his genre-bending mastery, crafting soundscapes that pushes music boundaries and speaks to the soul.

Whatever the reason, Illenium’s story is far from over. He continues to push boundaries, experiment with new sounds, and evolve as an artist. With each release, each performance, he strengthens his connection with his fans. And next week, in Sofi Stadium in Los Angeles, his third version of Trilogy Will touch the souls of many through meticulous production and music. Illenium isn’t just a musician; he’s a phenomenon. And the best part? His music journey is far from over.

To truly comprehend the Illenium experience, you have to witness it firsthand. Here are some of his upcoming shows: 

  • Trilogy Los Angeles: February 2, 2024 – Inglewood, CA

  • Trilogy Los Angeles: February 3, 2024 – Inglewood, CA

  • Zouk Nightclub: February 10, 2024 – Las Vegas, NV

  • ZOOLU 30: February 12, 2024 – New Orleans, LA




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