HAAi: Building A Sonic Odyssey Continuum

Vic Lentaigne 

Indulge in the captivation of her sleek blonde bob – you simply can’t afford to overlook it. HAAi, also known as Teneil Throssell, effortlessly transcends the boundaries of time and space on the pulsating techno dance floor. 

The Great Ascent

Born in Australia and refined in the vibrant London scene, HAAi’s sonic journey mirrors the diverse genres that have shaped her life. Originating from a psych-rock music background, HAAi was actually picked up when casually playing records in a small bar she used to work at. “My rise in music was a bit of an anomaly,” she told Gay Times. HAAi’s impeccable timing in cues and transitions pays homage to her instrumental prowess. From her inaugural 2019 project, “Systems Up Windows Down“, featuring hypnotic beats and tribal vocal elements, she has evolved seamlessly from house music to her now revered techno performances that dominate both clubbing and festival landscapes. 

Paolo Scalerandi

The Essence of LGBTQ+ Expression 

For those not yet immersed in the rhythmic tapestry of her romantic and sensual musical expression, HAAi has emerged as an icon for the LGBTQ+ community. Her commanding beats synchronize with collective heartbeats, evoking a sense of sexual yearning on the dance floor that envelops, body, mind and soul. Alongside her girlfriend, she embodies the true taste of love in the club – a spectacle that defines the perfect dance floor experience. 

HAAi, A Timeless Headliner 

As a trailblazing DJ, HAAi has graced numerous festival stages, leaving an indelible mark on audiences worldwide. This year, her magnetic performances have spanned from California to Amsterdam to Miami, effortlessly uniting crowds across geographical boundaries. One memorable HAAi moment from this year was her appearance at Nuits Sonores in Brussels. She shared a story arc encompassing all of her most prized elements. 

More HAAi 

Prepare for a mesmerizing journey as HAAi returns to Miami for this year’s Art Basel, spinning alongside TSHA at the esteemed Club Space. The dance floor comes alive on Wednesday, December 5th, and as Club Space opens its doors to the early morning, HAAI’s curated set promises to deepen the connection between self and neighbor through the healing power of music and C02 machines. 

Alec Donnell Luna

DJ-Kicks, A Symbol of Global Harmony 

Beyond the captivating live performances and precisely timed beat drops lies HAAi’s impactful behind-the-scenes efforts — a form of shadow work that echoes across the globe, fostering collective understanding and unity. 

Her recent project DJ-Kicks showcases a variety of tracks, including some of her friends, emphasizing the value of ascension. With minimalist compositions, the HAAi is highlighting the power of individual elements. Notable inclusions are The Blessed Madonna’s “Strength,” I.JORDAN’s “Life On The Wing,” and Surusinghe’s “Bet.” The mix transitions to vintage trance and dubstep, showcasing the physical aspects of HAAi’s sound, and concludes with a series of tools tracks focused on sound design. The title track, a Collab with Jon Hopkins and KAM-BU, provides a vibrant finish, encapsulating HAAI’s dance floor prowess. DJ-Kicks encapsulates HAAi’s adventurous spirit in a satisfying blend for both dedicated club goers and casual listeners. 

Tapping in with HAAi

Musical Appeal

  • Proper techno selects
  • Creative house-techno crossover
  • Diverse taste
  • Highly skilled producer
  • Consistent incline of releasing new projects

When to Listen

HAAi deserves the volume cranked to max. Listen with utmost energy, proceed with caution for your neighbors. Play HAAi in an intimate dance setting, and times when your heartbeat should match the BPM. 

What HAAi is Currently Spinning 

From Crack Magazine:

Grand V – Accrosport

Nickon Faith – Don’t You Make Me Wait (Jon Selbo remix)

Errotica – Get Down

Pegassi – Yoyoyo

Cirez D – Raptor

Where You Can Catch HAAi Next


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