Forgotten Towel A Love Story


Once upon a time, in the enchanting realm of Bonnaroo, a tale of love and laughter unfolded, teaching future attendees an important lesson about the nature of concert towels. This whimsical story serves as a guide, reassuring Roo-goers that losing a towel is not the end of the world—rather, it can lead to unexpected adventures and newfound love. In the vibrant world of Bonnaroo, where music and merriment intertwined, there existed a special bond between humans and inanimate objects. One such object was a humble Towel, an often underappreciated companion of festivalgoers seeking a seat in the heated summer grass. Another was a Superfly Shirt, a beacon of colorful expression that exuded an irresistible charm. Together with a spirited Roo goer, their paths crossed in a tale that would forever alter the perception of towels at Bonnaroo.

As the Roo goer ventured toward “That Stage,” she brought along her trusty Towel, a source of solace and comfort and her Superfly Shirt, an embodiment of funky style and endless memories. Little did she know that these seemingly ordinary objects were about to embark on an extraordinary journey after she carelessly left them behind. Amidst the pulsating beats and captivating melodies, the Roo goer lost herself in the music. Entranced by the euphoria of the moment, she inadvertently left her cherished Towel and Shirt behind on the grass, unaware of their absence. However, dear future attendees, fret not when faced with a similar situation. For you see, the story does not end in despair, but rather in delightful discovery.

The following morning, as the festival stirred from its slumber, a kind-hearted soul stumbled upon the abandoned Towel. In an act of serendipity, the Towel found new purpose, embracing a different Roo goer with its soft touch. This heartwarming twist of fate illuminates an essential truth: losing a towel at Bonaroo does not equate to irreparable loss. Instead, it opens the door to new connections and opportunities for joy.

Meanwhile, the Superfly Shirt, yearning for its Roo goer’s embrace, embarked on its own escapade. It journeyed through the boisterous crowds, passed from one music lover to another, becoming a symbol of shared laughter and sartorial eccentricity. Its unexpected detour serves as a reminder that the festival experience is a tapestry of unpredictability, where the extraordinary often arises from the most peculiar of circumstances.

As the festival reached its crescendo, the Towel found solace in its new Roo goer’s appreciation. Together, they danced, laughed, and created beautiful memories. The Superfly Shirt, though separated from its original owner, reveled in the hilarity of its fashionably misguided destiny.

So, future attendees, take heed of this tale and know that losing a towel or shirt amidst the sea of Bonnaroo’s festivities should not dampen your spirits. Instead, embrace the unforeseen twists and turns, for they have the power to transform ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences…even for objects. Allow the festival’s magic to guide you, to introduce you to newfound companions and unexpected delights.

And remember, in the vast expanse of Bonnaroo, where music weaves its enchantment and human connections flourish, even a lost towel can find a new purpose and bring joy to another’s journey. So, fear not the loss of a towel, but rather embrace the adventure that awaits, knowing that within the tapestry of Bonnaroo’s rhythm and melodies, love and laughter will always prevail.

-Sophia Jade

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