Festisia Content Creator Guide


Become a Festisia Content Creator

How Can You Get Started:

The ‘Festisia Creator Portal’ is now live and open for all to participate. Create content for a variety of themes, formats, and social platforms. Each approved submission allows you to earn, and meeting performance benchmarks increases your earning potential.

Priority Content Formats:

1. Live Event Social Content 

Base Reward: $25

Example 1 Example 2

Attend a festival, show or interesting experience and share quality content that allows others to feel part of the action. Submissions should focus on the most impactful moments and ensure content quality is premium. All of this can be captured on an iphone and there are no deliverable minimums. However, use your best judgment and be intentional in what you submit for the best chance at approval. Prioritize video capture and if focusing on static imagery, tell a story with multiple quality images. See the above links for examples.

2. Editorial Blog Posts

Base Reward: $100 for 1000 words

Submit a blog post with a minimum of 1,000 words and include 2 accompanying photos (you can use others’ photos as long as the photographer is credited). Your content can range from festival or concert reviews, humorous anecdotes, deep dives into specific artists or passions, to heartfelt moments you’ve experienced. While the focus can be broader than just music festivals, it should resonate with the culture of the festival scene, encompassing music, art, or storytelling. For guidance on the kind of content we’re looking for, refer to the editorials already published on Festisia.com.

Special Bonus: If you submit 3 blog posts in a week, you will receive a bonus of $100.00, making your total compensation $400 for three blogs.

3. Social Media Vlog 

Base Reward: $75.00

Vlog Example Vlog Example 2

If writing isn’t your thing and you’re more comfortable in front of the camera, we’re also looking for vlog-style content for Instagram and TikTok. Like the blog posts, these can cover a wide range of topics giving your perspective on a passion point you may have. This content can be short or long form, and should feature footage documenting an event you attended or yourself in front of a green screen talking directly to the audience about your experience. Check out the links above for prime vlog examples.

Content Performance Bonuses:

Bonus payment for social content that performs above average will be awarded, so go ahead and share your content to the masses by any means possible! Bonus payment payment will be issued on the below scale:


10K Views: $25

25K Views: $50

50K Views: $100

100K Views: $150

500K Views: $200

1M+ Views: $300 + Festisia Merch 

*Note: This program is a beta test, and payment structure/performance thresholds are subject to change as we learn and refine the process. Payments are made through PayPal. 

Submission Selection Process:

Submissions will be approved at the content/editorial team’s discretion. Only content that is believed to be aligned with Festisia’s voice and mission will be approved. There are also frequency limitations on social posting, so not all submissions will be approved. Those that are submitted promptly and delivered with the highest quality will be prioritized.

Submit Content For Approval: Here

Have questions or want to learn more? Schedule time for a 1 on 1 with a member of the Festisia team Here

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