Fest Quest – Wave 3


Hey Festies! The two-stepping begins as we proudly announce “Women Make You Dance” – the latest electrifying chapter in our Fest Quest series, premiering December 5th-9th at Art Basel 2023!

This isn’t just a festival, it’s a revolution in rhythm led by the incredible female artists who are taking EDM by storm. “Women Make You Dance” is a tribute to their talent, an experience crafted to showcase the pulse and power of women in the scene.

Are you ready to be moved, not just by beats, but by girl boss’ brilliance? Join us as we celebrate these phenomenal artists and immerse ourselves in an environment where music, art, and community converge. <‰<¨<


In Wave 3 of our Fest Quest, we’re introducing a fresh set of deliverables for our attendees at Art Basel. This time, we’re seeking three creatively edited vertical videos from each participant, tailored for use on platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels. *Make sure these videos, whether chopped into a series or not, are all under one-minute long.

To guarantee comprehensive coverage of the event, each Fest Quest attendee will be asked to produce three videos, capturing different facets of the festival experience. These should include one video leading up to the Fest Quest, one video during the event, and one video after the Fest Quest has concluded. Examples of these videos could be:

  • Pre-Fest Quest Video: This could be a “Festival Prep” vlog, showing you packing, planning your schedule, or even your journey to the festival site. Think of a “Countdown to Fest Quest” theme, building excitement for what’s to come.
  • During Fest Quest Video: Capture the essence of the festival. This might be a “Day in the Life at Fest Quest,” showcasing snippets of performances, art installations, food, and crowd interactions, or a “Festival Highlights” reel featuring your favorite moments and experiences.
  • Post-Fest Quest Video: Reflect on the entire experience with a “Fest Quest Wrap-Up” segment, sharing your favorite discoveries, unexpected moments, or a review of the event. You could also create a “What I Learned” video, discussing new insights, music, or connections you made.

These are just ideas and these videos are your canvas to creatively document and share your unique Fest Quest journey!


Now for the good stuff…

12.05.23 – FRIENDS & FAMILY

***12.06.23 – Surprise***


Peggy Gou, DJ Harvey & Todd Terje at Club Space Miami, Miami

12.08.23 -ART WITH ME

Art With Me Miami 2023 Tickets at Historic Virginia Key Beach Park in Miami  by WITH ME EVENTS | Tixr

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! Here’s your chance to apply :


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