Do you really need a cambelbak for a summer music festival? Do s and Dont s for a festival goer


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Do I Need to Pack a Camelbak for a Summer Music Festival

As you prep for your inaugural music festival adventure, a deluge of questions might crash over you like the opening chords of your favorite band’s anthem. “Do I need to bring a Camelbak? How much sunscreen is too much? Is a solar-powered fan hat as brilliant as it sounds or an impractical, albeit stylish, folly?” The answer to the Camelbak question, by the way, is no. For the rest, stick around, dear first-timer, as we dive into the harmonic cacophony of dos and don’ts for surviving your first summer music festival.


1. Come Prepared: Your festival experience is as much about the journey as it is about the music. As such, it’s crucial to be ready for anything, and this includes being prepared for all possible weather conditions. After all, Mother Nature can be unpredictable and can make or break your festival experience.

One of the most essential components of festival preparation is to pack versatile clothing. You need to consider packing for a variety of weather conditions, ranging from blazing sunshine to torrential downpour. It’s not uncommon to experience all the seasons in one day at a festival, especially in regions known for their fickle weather patterns.

2. Build Your Show Schedule Early: Venturing into the throbbing heart of a music festival without a plan is like diving into a labyrinth blindfolded. With an array of artists performing on different stages at overlapping times, building your show schedule early is crucial.

Start by familiarizing yourself with the festival’s lineup as soon as it’s announced. This can be a fun process on its own – you may discover new artists or bands that you’d like to see. Listen to their music, watch their performances, and figure out which ones truly resonate with you. Once you’ve curated your must-see list, dig into the festival’s timetable. Most festivals release their schedule weeks in advance, providing you with ample time to craft your personalized itinerary. Carefully scrutinize the schedule, marking down when and where your chosen artists will perform. This is important as festivals often have multiple stages with simultaneous performances. You don’t want to find yourself at the opposite end of the festival grounds when your favorite band starts playing!

Another key aspect to consider is the genre and energy of the acts. Do you want to start your day with a mellow acoustic set, gradually building up to the electronic dance music at night? Or perhaps you prefer a high-energy punk rock performance followed by a soothing jazz session? Strategize your schedule to orchestrate the emotional journey you wish to embark on at the festival.

Also, remember to leave some wiggle room for unexpected discoveries and spontaneous adventures. Festivals often showcase emerging artists who could blow your mind. Be open to adjusting your schedule to check out an act that’s generating a lot of buzz at the festival.

And lastly, share your schedule with your festival crew. Syncing your plans can prevent a ‘Home Alone’ situation and ensure that no one misses out on their favorite performances. Furthermore, comparing schedules might help you discover more artists through your friends’ choices. By building your show schedule early, you ensure a balanced festival experience that caters to your musical palate. You avoid the stress of last-minute decisions and missed performances. So, put on your strategic hat and let the festival planning begin!

3. Carry a Disposable Camera: In an age dominated by smartphones and instant digital photography, there’s something distinctly nostalgic and exciting about carrying a disposable camera. Music festivals, with their explosion of colors, characters, and unforgettable moments, provide a perfect setting for such an analog relic.

4. Bring a Water Bottle: Hydration is not just vital for survival, but also key for enjoying your festival experience to the fullest. Hours of dancing, walking, and cheering in the heat can lead to dehydration if you don’t replenish your body’s water levels. Having a refillable water bottle at hand can make all the difference.

5. Have a Meeting Point: In the chaotic, whimsical carnival of a festival, the risk of getting separated from your group is high. In such scenarios, cell phones often turn out to be unreliable due to battery drainage or network issues. So, it’s a good idea to set a predetermined meeting point with your friends. This will ensure that even if you part ways, you know exactly where to reunite.

6. Plan Your Meals: A music festival is not just about the music, it’s also about the complete sensory experience – and that includes food. While some festivals are a culinary delight with a range of gourmet food trucks and global cuisines, others may be less impressive, offering only basic food options. To ensure that you don’t end up feeling hungry or unsatisfied, it’s wise to plan your meals in advance.


1. Forget Sun Cream: No matter what the weather prediction is or how overcast the day seems, do not underestimate the power of the sun’s rays. Festivals usually involve spending long hours outdoors, making you susceptible to sunburn. And nothing can put a damper on your post-festival euphoria like the sting of a harsh sunburn.

2. Stress Overseeing Every Act: A music festival is a cornucopia of performances, often featuring multiple acts happening simultaneously across different stages. While the abundance is exhilarating, it can also be overwhelming, leading you to stress over not being able to see every act. But remember, the festival experience isn’t about rushing from one stage to another, it’s about savoring the music, the vibes, and the people.

3. Wear New Shoes: Festivals can be a battleground for your feet. The combination of extensive walking, dancing, and potential mud or dust makes it a challenging environment for footwear. Your trendy, box-fresh sneakers might seem like a good idea when you’re packing, but they might not feel the same after a day of wear and tear.

4. Skip Baby Wipes: Baby wipes can indeed be the unsung heroes of a festival environment. They’re versatile, portable, and very useful for maintaining personal hygiene during a multi-day event where access to showers and clean water might be limited. They can be used for a quick clean-up when you’re feeling sweaty, to freshen up your face, to wipe your hands before eating, or even clean a muddy chair or shoes.

5. Forget to Enjoy Yourself: Shrug off the drama and let loose. You’re here to live, laugh, sing, and dance to your heart’s content. Remember, in this vibrant, chaotic cosmos of music and people, it’s all about the experiences that resonate with your soul. And when you return to reality, your memories will play like a timeless vinyl, bringing a smile to your face every time you revisit them. So, first-timers, welcome to the wild world of summer music festivals. Your unforgettable summer awaits you!

There you have it, folks – your comprehensive guide to navigating the exciting, chaotic, journey that is a summer music festival. From meticulously crafting your show schedule to the humble heroism of baby wipes, each tip is a stepping stone to ensuring your festival experience is as vibrant as the neon lights that will guide you through the night. So don your most comfortable shoes, smear on that sunscreen, and remember to hydrate! Above all, let the rhythm take over and dance like no one’s watching. After all, these are the moments that transform into stories, the kind that you’ll recount around campfires or in cozy living rooms, reminiscing about that unforgettable summer. So dive in, headfirst, heart open, and ready to seize each beat of the experience. Let the symphony of sounds, sights, and shared smiles fill your soul. The festival awaits you, dear adventurers, ready to etch memories that will play back like your favorite song. Until then, stay groovy, stay safe, and remember – life’s a festival. Let’s celebrate it with full gusto!

-Scene Kid

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