CloZee: The Artist That Speaks To All Of Your Senses

Introducing the lovely CloZee AKA Chloé Henry, the French wonder that is known as an enigma of a DJ and producer extraordinaire. CloZee has mastered the experimental sounds of UK bass, glitch, dubstep and trap. So if you vibe in those areas of electronic music, she’s your perfect match.

Directly from Toulouse, France, CloZee studied Sound Engineering and has produced both mixes and original tracks that listeners have never heard before. Because of her globetrotting adventures and unique performances, from France to India, Australia to the U.S., CloZee’s music attracts people from every corner of the world. She has played at numerous festivals all over including Lightning in a Bottle, Camp Bisco, Coachella, and dozens more.

One of our recent favorites is her Envision Festival 2023 set

The CloZee Highlights 

Her initial launch into the scene happened by flipping the script on bass music, serving the community some seriously mind-bending tracks that’ll take you on a spiritual journey through sound. Her debut album in 2018, “Evasion,” shook up the electronic scene and firmly established her as a bass music queen. Since then, she’s produced three outstanding projects and numerous remixes.

Not only producing her own music, she’s amplified her presence and insight with her very own label, Odyzey Music, shedding light on underground artists and dropping remixes from the likes of Lane 8, Opiuo, Emancipator, and more. However, those artists aren’t so underground anymore. With the collaboration of CloZee’s mastermind combined with elements from other experimental artists, her label has become a platform for new geniuses to arise.

Why We Love Her.

While crafting her musical language, CloZee follows a carefully constructed and disciplined approach, blending classical guitar techniques with freeform melodies. This blend of technique goes further than the music, where she draws her inspiration from painting, dreams, and atmospheric shifts. Bridging cultural influences with sound, CloZee is only evolving her career further. Her musical brilliance and artistry created an imminent explosion onto the horizon of the music scene. It’s like she’s building her own universe, and we’re all just lucky to be a part of it.

Mark Your Calendar…

One of CloZee’s latest projects is her collaborative announcement with another spacey basshead, LSDream. The duo will debut “PSYREN” at Electric Forest this year, as headliners. A new album is headed our way, so stay tuned.

CloZee’s sound is entirely unique, and her live shows? She’s hitting up the U.S. this year, taking her incredible beats to places like Texas Eclipse, Sol Fest, and again, Lightning in a Bottle. So if you’re ready for a musical journey, she’s got you covered.

Check out our specially curated playlist to get the most out of your CloZee listening experience.

Photo Credits:

Juliana Bernstein

CloZee Press

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