Chloé Caillet: Riding the High Tide in the Festival Circuit

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In the ever-churning ocean of electronic music, a new wave is rising, and it’s got the essence of Chloé Caillet written all over it. This global DJ, multi-instrumentalist, and creative force has been stirring up the scene with a blend of beats that feels like a cosmic collision between the vibrant streets of New York, Paris, and the UK. And let me tell you, she’s not just riding the wave; she’s making it.

A Sonic Journey Like No Other

Chloé Caillet’s ascent in the world of electronic music is a vivid tapestry of evolution, standing out in a genre often filled with familiar narratives. From her early days mastering the piano and guitar to her transformative appearances on platforms like Lot Radio, Caillet has metamorphosed into a commanding presence on the global DJ stage. Her music is an eclectic fusion, blending the rhythmic allure of disco, the pulsating energy of house, and the soulful essence of funk, all interspersed with a daring touch of the avant-garde. Caillet’s journey as a musical chameleon is a testament to her relentless innovation and refusal to be pigeonholed into a singular musical identity. Her approach to music is a refreshing departure from the conventional, offering audiences a rich, immersive experience that transcends the ordinary.

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Queen of the Festival Scene

Chloé Caillet’s ascension as the queen of the festival scene is a dazzling spectacle of musical mastery and trailblazing spirit. Her journey from the rooftops of New York to the world’s most coveted stages is not just about her rapid ascension in the DJ world, but also a reflection of her profound impact on the festival circuit. Caillet has transformed festival stages into her canvas, painting each with her unique blend of disco, electronic, afrobeat, house, and funk, enchanting audiences from Glastonbury to Coachella, and Burning Man to Timewarp. Chloé’s remarkable sets, like her recent performance at Circoloco, exemplify her skill in creating a euphoric journey for her audience. They are more than just musical sets; they are explorations of soundscapes that resonate with the soul of each festival, leaving the audience in awe and anticipation for her next act. Her ability to connect with the crowd, understanding the vibe of each venue and city she plays in, transforms each performance into a unique, unforgettable experience. Check out her Circoloco set here. Chloe Caillet – Cirocloco

Chloé Caillet, “Love Ain't Over” EP Diary - Reserved Magazine Chloe Caillet

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A Beacon for Female Artists

Chloé Caillet stands as a paragon of empowerment in the electronic music scene, exemplifying the potential of women in an industry often dominated by male figures. Her journey, which began with a childhood filled with music and a passion ignited by the eclectic sounds of rock, disco, and funk, has evolved into a crusade against gender norms in the DJing world. From her early days of self-teaching DJ skills to now leading her label, XCESS Records, Chloé’s story is a testament to the changing tides in the music industry. Her success is not just measured by her gigs at iconic venues or her musical collaborations, but also by her role in challenging the perception of women in electronic music. Through her actions and achievements, Chloé Caillet has become a beacon for aspiring female artists, proving that with talent, determination, and a refusal to conform to traditional industry standards, women can be more than just participants – they can be trailblazers and leaders, reshaping the music world.

The Future is Caillet

In a bold move, Chloe Caillet has recently launched into independent music entrepreneurship with the debut of her label, SMILE Records, coinciding with the release of her latest single “12 Inch Acid”. The track, a collaborative effort between Caillet and Melbourne-based artist Luke Alessi, is an energetic fusion of thumping kicks and classic 303 acid house synths, intentionally crafted to inspire the dance floor. 

Speaking on the release, Caillet expressed her intent to create a club-centric record, infused with nostalgic elements recollecting the ’90s dance scene. SMILE Records’ beginnings follows Caillet’s recent introduction of her LGBTQ+ SMILE club night concept in Paris, expanding her to the United States with upcoming events scheduled in Los Angeles, New York, and Miami throughout March. Caillet will also be bringing the SMILE experience to Europe, with dates booked at Paris’ Badaboum on March 29th, Village Underground in London on April 13th, and Barcelona’s Nitsa on May 10th. 

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