Carlita: Comfortably Undefined

Since dropping her first EP, ‘Luz De Sol’ in 2018, Carla Frayman, better known by her DJ tag, Carlita has methodically ascended the ranks, carving out a unique space for herself as one of the most promising DJ’s, producers, and more appropriately, artists in the world.


Carlita: sweet symphony |

The Come Up: A Cornucopia of Global Culture

Never to be boxed in, Carlita has made strides as a DJ each year of her career. Along with each progression she’s managed to introduce a new component of her brand, expanding the scope of her creativity to resemble a multi-sensory effort better aligned with world building than simply brand building. DJing set the foundation and vibe for Carlita’s world, her effort to master production further refined her sonic point-of-view (which features a kaleidoscope of flavors), the introduction of her event series, Senza Fine with long-time collaborator, DJ Tennis manifests a physical space and her upcoming efforts in fashion and fragrances will add even more depth to her world. 

Carlita has a lot going on for an artist who’s still working to finish and drop her first album (don’t worry it’s coming soon), but if you dig into her upbringing it all starts to make complete sense. Raised in Istanbul to a Turkish father and Italian mother, Carlita was pushed by her parents to pursue her creativity from a young age. Carlita started to dabble on the Piano as young as 3, picked up the cello by 8 and would graduate from the Royal Academy of Music in London by the time she turned 16. Like her parents, she would leave home to attend college in the US at Northeastern University in Boston, which is where her introduction to DJing would begin to take shape thanks to a chance connection with the owner of the BIJOU, Boston’s House Music stronghold.

Despite Carlita’s background as a classically trained musician and multi-instrumentalist, it was behind the decks that Carlita found the perfect medium to showcase her dynamic tastes inspired by global cultures and a proficiency for music theory. By the time Carlita turned 21, she would make the decision to commit to music full-time and go on to captivate crowds from Ibiza to Tomorrowland, amongst many others.  


Up close: Carla Faryman | Airmail.News

The Art of Being Predictably Unpredictable

One of the most exciting aspects of Carlita’s artistry is her ability to find a common ground and connect with people regardless of context.  One set may evoke emotional overtones, prioritizing organic sounds that stem from latin and afro house influences while another may tap into more upbeat global dance rhythms that traverse eras, followed up by a deeply melodic original track released by Afterlife, the Melodic House outfit, pioneered by the Italian DJ duo, Tales of Us.

While most DJs are told to hone their sound from the moment they start taking the craft seriously, Carlita took an opposite route, opting to play the music she loves, creating a space for a deep, and often unpredictable exploratory journies entirely her own. Each set she performs feels incredibly different from the other, while simultaneously feeling uniquely hers. Maybe it’s her classical training and understanding of music theory, her deep passion for diverse cultures or her ability to nurture connection (which she takes very seriously on stage and amongst her tight-knit community). Above all, Carlita is a masterful storyteller with an ability to express herself regardless of medium or context. 

Carlita’s World Begins to Take Shape 

Coming off a busy touring schedule this past Summer, Carlita will continue crafting her world with new forthcoming expressions in fashion and fragrance, set to debut in conjunction with her “Senza Fine” party series which she collaborates on with friend and longtime collaborator DJ Tennis under the name, Astra Club. Check out Astra Club’s performance at Club Space from January, 2023 below.

Most importantly is Carlita’s debut album which is slated for 2024, featuring all original instrumentals which she’s created herself, leveraging her classically trained background. According to Carlita, the album is “not super dancey or like typical electronic music, it’s a bit pop-ish, a bit just for listening” and “really, with all the tracks I’m trying to be a bit emotional. It’s pretty special for me.” All of which somehow manages to make perfect sense given Carlita’s expansive range and ever evolving energy. Needless to say, Carlita’s built our trust and we expect her forthcoming official debut to showcase a new side of her artistry that will captivate us all.

Tapping in with Carlita

Recent Accolades

  • Cover Artist, DJ Mag October 2023
  • Celebrated Senza Fine’s first anniversary with an event at New York Fasion Week 2023

Musical Appeal

  • Impeccable taste
  • Deep, emotive storytelling and curated musical arrangements
  • Wide range and versatility
  • Global sound
  • Highly collaborative, participates in B2B’s with DJ Tennis and Diplo

When to Listen

Throw on Carlita when you’re in need of a change of pace from you typical listening habits or simply dont know what to listen to. Don’t worry about which set you turn on, let Carlita take the wheel and do her thing.

Go-To Set

I first fell in love with Carlita’s sound while listening to her Mayan Warrior set @ Burning Man 2019

Where You Can Catch Carlita Next


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