BLOND:ISH: Showing the Dance Community What True Love Really Looks Like

BLOND:ISH, a Canadian icon with expansive aspirations and the utmost compassion, embodies the belief that music and positive vibrations can genuinely enhance our world.

Born Vivie-ann Bakos from Montreal, BLOND:ISH has evolved into a multifaceted figure encompassing roles as a DJ, producer, event organizer, label executive, environmental advocate, and spiritual explorer. Her uplifting interpretation of house music draws from Eastern frequencies shamanic practices, and feel-good melodies, aligning with her beliefs of spreading joy through sound.

Her journey started in 2007 with the creation of BLOND:ISH parties at Montreal’s Cherry Nightclub, and later expanded upon relocating to London, where she unveiled her Lonely Days EP on Noir Music in 2012. Subsequent releases with labels like Kompakt and Get Physical propelled BLOND:ISH to greater prominence. In 2015, Kompakt released her debut album, Welcome to the Present, steering from the conventional EDM trend with its immersive exploration of psychedelic and spiritual elements.

BLOND:ISH has a hearty presence at spiritual venues and festivals. One of her passion projects is being a part of camp JOUJOU at Burning Man, which she has become a veteran of. Other than that, catch her in numerous global destinations like Tulum, Ibiza, Brazil, Sint Maarten, Agartha, and more.


Today, BLOND:ISH champions shamanic dance rhythms through her imprint ABRACADABRA, showcasing melodic afro house and enigmatic techno. The label has branched out to a successful Twitch network under the same moniker. Beyond the musical endeavors, she also leads a Web3 investment fund, positioning herself at the forefront of innovation in the field of technology.

Other than her craft of stimulating the senses and emotional connection, BLOND:ISH has an inspiration to spread conscientious action towards nature. In 2018, she initiated the Bye Bye Plastic movement, pushing the dance music community to steer from single-use plastics, underscoring her commitment to global progression, all while keeping the dance floor alive.

Her multifaceted talents as a musician enable her to transcend boundaries unlike any other artist worldwide. Whether she’s DJing in afro house, 80s disco, psychedelic, or straight techno genres, her expert curation consistently exudes joy, positivity, and rhythmic beauty. Not just being a party thrower, but at the core, BLOND:ISH is devoted to spreading love and fostering inclusive environments that embody pure happiness.

Check out our specially curated playlist to get the most out of your BLOND:ISH listening experience.

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