Beyond the Lineup: Innings & Extra Innings Festival

Welcome back to another Arizona favorite! ‘Tis the season when Arizona shines, sharing its community favorites amid the predominantly chilly weather in the rest of the country. Innings Festival returns for another exciting year, introducing a special new addition: the inaugural Extra Innings Festival, both unfolding consecutively in Tempe for b2b weekends. 

Blending seamlessly with the community’s passion for baseball, music, and food, both festivals have a sizzling lineup (no pun intended with headliner Red Hot Chili Peppers). Founded by Tim Sweetwood and hosted by C3 Presents, this marks the 6th year of shedding Tempe with lights and lasers. Innings Festival stemmed from the natural connection between baseball and music, inspired by players’ walk-up songs and the mutual inspiration between sports and music. Coexisting harmoniously, Phoenix’s M3F Festival, and Innings Festival energize consecutive weekends, creating a dynamic and high-energy experience for the state.

Taking place at Tempe Beach Park over two days, the festival showcases around 40 bands, offering a more intimate experience with a smaller but mighty lineup. Originating as a spring training tradition orchestrated by the MLB Network and Major League Baseball, the festival aligns with the Cactus League spring training games in the area. 

Anticipate not only international musicians but also local acts bringing their mojo to the stages. Previous years featured bands such as Counting Crows, Young the Giant, Incubus, Sheryl Crow, The Avett Brothers, Chris Stapleton, and more. This year, both festivals have outstanding lineups with names such as Greta Van Fleet

Beyond the musical extravaganza across three stages, festival-goers can engage in family-friendly activities, savor delicious food, witness culinary demonstrations, and even catch glimpses of prominent baseball players. 

While Innings Fest has previously ventured to Tampa Bay, Florida, this year, it will exclusively unfold in Tempe, with the wonderful debut of Extra Innings. Tim Sweetwood’s strategic choice of locations is influenced by the abundance of baseball teams and admiration in each state. It highlights the shared desire and enthusiasm for the intersection of community-loving activities. 

The Extra Innings Festival, making its debut this year after the main event weekend, promises a completely new experience. Both lineups are equally as incredible, welcoming all types of seasoned fans. 

For more information about the festival and how to attend, click here

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