Beyond the Lineup: Igloofest

As snow and ice blanket the city of Montreal, the vibrant spirit of the metropolis refuses to be frozen. Montreal, unlike most cities, hosts a high number of music festivals, around 90 per year! Embracing the frigid and unique charm of winter, one of Montreal’s finest cold season events, co-produced by Picnic Electronik and the Quays of the Old Port, Igloofest is set to return from January 18th to February 11th, promising an unforgettable experience for music lovers and winter wizards alike. 

Igloofest, running since 2007, is an annual outdoor electronic music festival held in the heart of the city. Renowned for its icy setting and progressive lineup, the festival has become a staple of the city’s winter cultural calendar. This year, Igloofest is gearing up to transform the Old Port into a winter wonderland, where attendees can dance under the stars, surrounded by stunning architecture and icy landscapes. 

What sets Igloofest apart is its commitment to creating an immersive Arctic atmosphere. From the moment festival goers step into the festival grounds, they are transported to a winter wonderland filled with ice sculptures, shining lights, and an ambiance that can only truly be experienced in the frosty embrace of Montreal’s winter. It might be a challenge to make your way to the Swiss Alps this year for a dreamy dance festival, but Montreal will not disappoint with the same Euro-Canadian flare from a much shorter distance. 

True to its reputation, Igloofest has curated an impressive lineup of electronic artists who will keep the crowd grooving despite the temperature. Expect a diverse range of beats, from techno and house to bass and experimental sounds. This year’s lineup promises to elevate the festival to new heights, attracting music enthusiasts from all over. Each weekend welcomes a different legend. DJs such as Marc Rebillet, Rezz, Eric Prydz, The Blaze and Diplo. 

Igloofest can also be considered a fashion statement. Festival goers are challenged to showcase their creativity by donning their most trendy and warm winter attire. From funky fur coats to colorful snowsuits, the fashion at Igloofest is as diverse and eclectic as the music itself. Don’t forget your toque and mittens — you’ll need them to stay warm while dancing the night away.

Igloofest has become a symbol of Montreal’s resilience and creativity, turning what we could consider harsh winters into an opportunity for celebration, connection and movement. As Igloogest 2024 begins, prepare to embrace the cold and create lasting memories in the heart of this frosty metropolis. Get ready for an unforgettable experience that perfectly blends music, art, and the magic of winter! 

For more information on the event and where to purchase tickets, click HERE

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