Beyond the Lineup: CRSSD

CRSSD Festival in San Diego has become synonymous with cutting-edge electronic music, stunning visuals, and an intimate festival atmosphere. However, the magic doesn’t happen by chance; it’s the result of meticulous planning, creativity, and the visionary minds at the held of the festival’s production company — FNGRS CRSSD. Let’s dive into the behind-the-scenes world of CRSSD and explore the magic that they bring to the city of San Diego. 

At the core of CRSSD’s success is the production company FNGRS CRSSD. Established in San Diego in 2013, FNGRS CRSSD has become a driving force in shaping the city’s electronic music scene and has garnered a reputation for delivering unparalleled festival experiences. The company was founded on a mission to curate events that not only showcase top-tier talent, but also prioritize innovation, diversity and community engagement. 

As per EDM Maniac, The company commenced operations around July 2013, organizing events with notable artists such as Evian Christ, T. Williams, and Soul Clap. The earliest event identified took place in February 2014, featuring The Martinez Brothers and Mikey Lion, renowned producers/DJs with their own labels, who consistently headline globally. This event was a collaboration with LED Presents, the primary organizer at the time. 

They initiated recurring weekly events at San Diego’s Bang Bang, regular shows at LA’s Sound Nightclub, and pop-up events at Coachella and Splash House. This collaboration led to the inception of the inaugural CRSSD Festival on March 14, 2015, boasting a lineup including ODESZA, Jamie Jones b2b Seth Troxler, Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons, Patrick Topping, and Wax Motif. The festival, held at San Diego’s Waterfront Park, was one of the first 21+ festivals in Southern California, leaving a lasting impact on the industry. 

Inspired by Sonar and BPM, CRSSD aimed to promote forward-thinking acts blending live and DJ performances, a unique offering in the American market at that time, as highlighted by Billboard. The festival received praise for its casual energy and mature crowd, earning the nickname “unspoiled Coachella” from an Uber driver. According to EDM Maniac, CRSSD marked a departure from the repetitive lineups of other festivals, especially those held in Los Angeles. 

There is a certain kind of magic to FNGRS CRSSD and CRSSD Festival. They put an emphasis on the importance of bringing world-class acts in a localized setting. It’s something to consider having more of, but CRSSD definitely pioneers this desired movement. 

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