Artist Profile: Goth Babe

Envision this (because I’ve been there, too): Streaming sun beating down on a field full of color and laughter, a multitudinous gathering of infinite individuals and their unique melodies, the music festival experience is nothing short of magical. And within this panorama of harmonious chaos, there’s one band that has been connecting with audiences on a whole new level. Enter: Goth Babe. 

Why Goth Babe, you might wonder? The answer lies not just in their ethereal tunes that flirt with the boundaries of indie rock and dream pop, but in the unparalleled authenticity of their main singer, Griffin Washburn. From the depths of his soulful voice to the passion etched in his every word, Griffin resonates with the crowd in a way that feels deeply personal, as if he’s speaking (or singing, rather) straight to your heart. 

“Griffin Washburn, the brain behind Goth Babe, is a wanderer at heart with songs that tell tales of his adventures, inviting audiences into his most intimate moments.”

And how does Griffin live his life, you may wonder? It’s a lifestyle that’s as authentic and free-spirited as the music that springs from his soul. Living and recording in his camper van, powered entirely by solar energy, Griffin embodies a unique coupling of creativity and sustainability, embodying a lifestyle that rejects the conventional to carve out a sustainable but vibrant existence on the road. 

  • A van that doubles as a home and recording studio, always ready to capture the next fleeting melody.

  • An eager participant in the dance of life, embracing every twist and turn with resilience and optimism.

  • A commitment to preserving nature’s beauty while harmonically syncing with its rhythm.

Griffin takes it even further with his boating lifestyle, showing his free flowing attitude isn’t just talk to this very day.  With the success of the band, he still spends his time listful and enjoying the sun and water around his old boat.

For those who live passionately between the beats of life and music, there’s an exhilarating pulse of eclectic sound soon to take center stage – it’s the release of the new album by Goth Babes. Like a rogue wave crashing into the still ocean of everyday sounds, this album is poised to shift our collective musical perspective with its serious innovation and heart-rending lyricism.

A circus in a music box. That’s the magic of Goth Babes. Their latest offering is similar to their famed van-home-studio, it’s a confined space, packed to the brim with soul-soothing beats and heart-tugging lyrics, ready to transport you somewhere extraordinary. 

You’re nestled amidst the natural grandeur of none other than Red Rocks, where the resounding beats and melodic harmonies of the Goth Babes hold the power to move mountains – and you, along with them. As day turns into dusk, a hush blankets the crowd; anticipation is a thick mist in the air, mirroring the dense fog that begins to roll onto the stage, setting the scene for what’s to come. 

I’d seen the Goth Babes before, at a close-quarter gig in an underground haunt, but there’s something unparalleled about their performance at Red Rocks, cradled in the lap of Mother Nature. With the night sky as the most dramatic backdrop and the stars glowing like distant disco balls, there’s a seemingly celestial quality about the atmosphere they create. 

The performance kicks off, the primal drumming pounds with the energy of a thunderstorm — familiar yet otherworldly, raw yet refined. Their front person, Jess, poured out her vocals, lacing each syllable with raw emotion, her voice floating through the crevices of the landscape – every note a silver thread weaving through the crowd. It felt like shared catharsis, an intimate moment of connection stretching across the amphitheater, binding us together. 

Being part of the crowd, swaying in unison with strangers, I was more than just an observer. Goth Babe, with their passion for the dramatic and menacing, never fail to create immersive, transformative experiences. But under the expansive sky at Red Rocks, it became a communion—one not just with music, but with the laid bare spirit of collective belonging. 

Witnessing a Goth Babes performance at Red Rocks is akin to a rite of passage. Take away the artist and the audience, strip it down to its bare bones, and what you get is a spellbinding coalescence of music and nature. It’s an enchanting reminder that at the end of the day, we, like the Goth Babes, are all seekers of authentic experiences, rebels in our own right, forever chasing those ephemeral moments that embed themselves in our memory and keep the spark of life glowing.

Imagine, if you will, a late night at Bonnaroo. The festival grounds are bathed in an ethereal glow, a whimsy-filled spectacle that transforms Tennessee’s vast farmland into an otherworldly realm. The air is alive with that sweet, palpable anticipation as we (the festival attendees) await the arrival of our dark enchantress, the one and only Goth Babe. The clock ticks over to midnight, the witching hour, the moment we’ve all been yearning for. 

The first strains of Goth Babe’s melodious tunes ripple through the crowd, swallowed by the insatiable night. It’s a mesmerizing rendezvous between singer and song — and us, the witnesses, the co-authors of this shared experience. And while the stars may twinkle overhead, it’s Goth Babe’s performance that truly illuminates the darkness. 

No matter how many concerts you’ve attended (and trust me, I’ve racked up an impressive tally), the allure of a Goth Babe concert is unparallelled — a raw, barefoot connection to the heart of music itself that resonates at Bonnaroo in unique ways. Under the vast expanse of the night sky, enveloped by pounding bass and stratospheric synthesizers — you’re transported to a parallel universe where time stands still and melody reigns supreme. 

We can’t deny the magic that ensues when Goth Babe takes the stage for her late-night Bonnaroo set. It’s a collage of emotions — exhilaration, camaraderie, awe, ecstasy. As a community, we practically vibrate with shared joy. And in the silence that follows, as the final notes taper into the cool night, we’re reminded just how powerful, how touching, a music concert can be.

So, when you hear the pulsating chords of Goth Babe under the open sky, know that you’re partaking in more than just a performance. It’s an invitation into a lifestyle, a shared connection that echoes with the raw, pure honesty of living life on your own terms. And it’s this unfiltered authenticity that makes Goth Babe an unforgettable experience at any festival.

– Cory Watson; IG: @thecorywatson

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