A Diplo Sonic Odyssey – Beats Amidst Antarctica’s Icebergs and Southern Lights!

Diplo at Antarctica “World Voyager” Vessel Helipad; Photo: Cambron Lyles 

Diplo is redefining the EDM music scene in 2024 and setting a high benchmark for all performers by taking a mesmerizing performance in the heart of shattering ice and bringing forth a bone-chilling performance in a vast echo chamber reinforced by the iceberg of Antarctica. He believed every creative artist in any realm of imagination should be pushing their limits, progressing their mortal bodies, and developing new boundaries to challenge themselves.

When you struggle and suffer enough your creativity will spark, this statement is completely factual and Diplo indulges us with a well-curated genre that takes us into a voyage of how pristine the air, sound, and vibration within the iceberg.

With a sensational vibrant genre in his arsenal, he brings us a meticulous beat that moves your soul and eargasm in every minute. His 90-minute set is available on his own YouTube Channel, waiting to be witnessed and heard. 


In his statement, he expresses how fortunate enough he is to DJ all over the world. Diplo : Over the course of my career I’ve played on every continent except one, Antarctica. I think as an artist you should always be pushing the boundaries of what you can do and that’s when the most creativity sparks. I always talk in interviews that I want to do more. So when I was approached about doing this trip to Antarctica, I knew this was my chance to do what no other DJ has done before and play music in a setting that only few have experienced. The goal of this trip was to raise awareness around preserving one of the most delicate and special ecosystems that exists on our planet while accomplishing something that has been on my bucket list for a while.

Diplo Antartica set is a truly remarkable endeavor to elevate the EDM scenes not based on the pure ambition of an artist’s personal goal, but he believed his music could bring awareness to utilize the beauty of our earth landscape not just for our enjoyment or performance but our future well-being as a place we call home.   

Diplo and his team collaborated closely with IAATO (International Association of Antarctic Tour Operations) to ensure that the livestream capture was conducted in a safe and environmentally responsible manner, aligning with efforts to promote responsible tourism in Antarctica. No speakers were utilized, and no wildlife was disturbed during the production. Diplo uses his platform of fame, as a respected music producer, and as a world-renowned DJ to help the world’s largest international advocacy organization dedicated solely to ocean conservation “Oceana”.  

The wondrous musical expedition is Captured and Directed by Cambron Lyles. Organize, design, and support by a driven community-based focus on wellness Secular Sabbath. In this effort to revitalize and conserve the beauty of one big uncharted continent of the Earth, the whole team and group work will be contributing all revenue from the stream will be given directly to aid and further help the conservation that Oceana has been spearheading for over 2 decades.

Diplo – Live in Antarctica 2023 (Full Set), is a monumental moment for the DJ to be able to experience a huge milestone of decades of dedication to the electronic music scene bringing him into an enigmatic landscape that few humans in history able to step foot or setting a history that many would remember as a once in a lifetime performance. Only behind Metallica on December 8, 2013, by becoming the first and only band in history to perform concerts on all seven continents in under a year. But now Diplo will become the only DJ that has performed in all seven continents in the world.

This set consists of multiple build-ups and tensions, designed to groove and move. He curates a unique sense of variation that features artists from different music backgrounds such as ODESZA, Flume, Adriatique, RÜFÜS DU SOL, and the upcoming rising stars Zerb & Sofiya Nzau in one of his list of soundtracks ready to tremble the iceberg.

Such awe-inspiring music accompanied by a serenity of ambient music that pulls you in, immersing yourself connected as one with the inspiring landmark of a multitude of colossal icy blue glaciers as a natural monument. It was truly such a remarkable expedition that put everyone on the edge of their seat or perhaps grooving in open spaces, just imagining ourselves in the moment up close with Diplo guiding us, by helping our own body, soul, and mind slowly open to find our rhythmic sensory movement.

Diplo at Antarctica “World Voyager” Vessel Helipad; Photo: Cambron Lyles 

This expedition is a one-of-a-kind experience with much thought put into the final execution, even with all the preparation Diplo and his team still find a challenge to face the unknown. From the ever-changing course of the chilling wind, extreme temperature, and the World Voyage the luxurious vessel that has become one of the most outstanding performance platforms and the survival vessel for all the crew during their harsh expedition. Navigating through the polar icebergs steering away from local wildlife migration routes to ensure safety while also preserving the natural essence of Antarctica as one of the most untouchable and peaceful places on Earth.

The organizers of this voyage, including Diplo, Higher Ground, Secular Sabbath, and Insider Expeditions are deeply committed to environmental stewardship and the conservation of this extraordinary part of the planet they are visiting during the whole process. In addition to consulting constantly with non-profit partners to go above and beyond standard operating procedures and raise funds for conservation in the region. An innovative hydro-jet propulsion system allows the purpose-built World Voyager the infamous vessel to bring you closer to the environment and wildlife. The system gives the ship a quieter sound that’s less disruptive to the ecosystem, making for up-close and personal encounters that leave you in awe.

“World Voyager”; Photo: Atlas Ocean Voyages 

Diplo Antarctica is a must-listen set for every music enjoyer, especially any EDM enthusiast not because of how well curated and the DJ breathtaking performance with every possible best feature track in 2023 to be presented to the worldwide music community. But also how music can take you to places beyond our wildest imagination and for a good cause, helping build a better future and places of education by showcasing how remarkable and beautiful the untouched part of Antarctica. Diplo made priority to focus on 3 things. His set, the music, and captured the aesthetically pleasing landscape for us to enjoy.

– Dewandaru Triguna; IG: @dewandaru_81

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