5 Collabs That You Didn’t Know Happened

In the digital age, at a time where news flies fast across the globe, it’s often easy to find out when our favorite DJs are collaborating in the studio. That being said, what happens in the studio sometimes stays in the studio. 

Here are five secret collabs that you didn’t know happened:


  1. Avicii & Martin Garrix – Waiting for Love 

Released in 2015, the collaborative track between the late Swedish superstar Avicii and Dutch powerhouse Martin Garrix quickly gained international acclaim for its catchy melody and feel good lyrics. The track is centered around the shared human theme of longing for love and the anticipation of finding meaningful connection in life. Avicii’s signature melodic style, coupled with Garrix’s dynamic production, instantly resulted in a chart-topping hit. Additionally, the song features vocals by Simon Aldred, who had previously collaborated with Avicii on “Ten More Days.” “Waiting for Love” not only showcases the musical synergy between two electronic music legends but also stands as a living testament to Avicii’s influence in the industry.


  1. Sebastian Ingrosso & Axwell – Dark River

“Dark River” is one of many collaborative tracks between Swedish DJ-producers Sebastian Ingrosso and Axwell, both best known for being a part of the renowned trio Swedish House Mafia. As individual artists, Ingrosso and Axwell have had significant contributions to the electronic dance music scene, and “Dark River” reflects their talent both collectively and individually. The track seamlessly blends together progressive and big room house elements, characteristic of their distinctive styles. This track is particularly significant as it marked a reunion between the two maestros in 2015.


  1. Dillon Francis & Alesso – Take My Breath Away 

“Take My Breath Away” is a synergistic production between American DJ-producer Dillon Francis and Swedish DJ Alesso. Released in 2016, the song demonstrates a fusion of their unique styles. By combining Dillon Francis’s moombahton influences with Alesso’s progressive house vibes coupled with emotive vocals and a catchy melody, the track pushes the boundaries of electronic dance music. This partnership showcased the versatility of both artists who individually are known for their ability to produce tracks that resonate with a wide audience. 


  1. Martin Garrix & Brooks – Hero

This dynamic duo combined their talent in 2021 to produce a high energy anthem that became an instant classic. One fun fact about this track is that “Hero” marked the reunion between Martin Garrix and Brooks following their previous collaboration “Byte” which was released in 2017 and was a huge hit. Another nugget of information is that the track was used in the video game Marvel Snap. Moreover, “Hero” is a true testament to their ability to create a timeless classic that has had a huge impact on the global electronic music landscape. 


  1. Swedish House Mafia & Desembra – Redlight 

The most recent secret collab on our list that you definitely didn’t know about is none other than Swedish House Mafia and Desembra’s “Redlight”. The story of “Redlight” is an interesting one as the track was originally called “Juicy”.  For those who don’t know Desembra, he is a long time friend and collaborator of Swedish House Mafia. Desembra despite being mostly behind the scenes, has actually worked on almost all of the new Swedish House Mafia tracks. The powerful lyrics of the track symbolize the power of living your own life outside of societal expectations, a strong message that many of us can relate to.


By Amy Farina 


*This article was originally published on EDM House Network 

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