4 Can t Miss Sets for Indie Rock Fans Going to Bonnaroo 2023

If you’re like me, you live at the This Tent / That Tent stages at Bonnaroo 😉

The Beths

Saturday, 1:30-2:15pm | That Tent



Yes, yes… I know it’s an early afternoon set, but I need you to trust me here. Originating from New Zealand, The Beths are mastering the blend of the indie rock and pop punk scenes before our very eyes. Lead singer and guitarist Elizabeth Stokes delivers each song, perfectly encapsulating the ups and downs of life and love. While I can’t promise anything, my intuition leads me to believe that The Beths will leave you wanting more. In fact, while writing this, I just put The Beths on shuffle play and am now struggling to stop listening. Previously, the band:

  • Toured with Death Cab for Cutie
  • Received compliments from Rolling Stone
  • Earned funding from NZ on Air and NZ Music Commission (so epic!)

Most Streamed Track:

Future Me Hates Me

Yog’s Track Rec:


**Yog’s Top Pick to See**

Colony House

Saturday, 2:45-3:45pm | This Tent


If you’re searching for a band that seamlessly blends indie rock with anthemic alternative sounds, look no further than Colony House. Hailing from Nashville this quartet creates a sonic experience that is both captivating and powerful. Their tunes are littered with earworm-causing hooks and thought-provoking lyricism. From emotionally charged “Silhouettes” to the relatable, ~ human ~ feelings brought by “Trying to Survive”, Colony House knows how to make an impact with their music. I had the pleasure of seeing them at Irving Plaza in New York City earlier this Spring and they absolutely, positively crushed. The band came into the crowd, brought out childhood friends and family to sing songs, and even let an audience member shred guitar for a track. I’m stoked to see what they bring to the festival stage.

Most Streamed Track:

You Know it

Yog’s Track Rec:

Would Ya Could Ya


Saturday, 5:45-6:45pm | Which Stage


If you’re wanting to take a break from This Tent / That Tent but still want to get your indie fix, then you should head to Which Stage for The Band CAMINO. The three-piece group (used to be four) got their start in Memphis, but are now Nashville-based (yes, another Nashville band highlight!). Their magnetic stage presence in combination with their polished production makes for the ultimate live music 1-2 punch. The Band CAMINO is an unmissable act for any feel-good music fan. Whether you dig indie rock or not, they will leave you humming for days.

Most Streamed Track:

Never A Good Time

Yog’s Track Rec:

Who Do You Think You Are

Peach Pit

Sunday, 5:45-6:45pm | This Tent


Photo: Vanessa Heins/CBC

No, not, Passion Pit, it’s Peach Pit, like the center of that fuzzy stone fruit! When you’re feeling like you just wanna kick back and let the indie vibes wash over you, Peach Pit is where it’s at. When someone says, “take a chill pill” what they are really saying is, “hey, go listen to some Peach Pit”. From Vancouver, these four cats mix together a unique blend of indie pop and surf-rock vibes that serve as a one-way ticket to a world full of UV rays. For me, this set is a ‘Co-z Boi ™’ — I’d post up outside of the tent so that I can lay down, conserve energy and enjoy the tunes from a distance. Hope you’re bringing polarized sunglasses!

Most Streamed Track:

Alrighty Aphrodite

Yog’s Track Rec:

Shampoo Bottles

Bonus Mention!

Diarrhea Planet

Thursday, 11:45pm-12:45am | That Tent



Mom peers over my shoulder to look at my Spotify “Diarrhea Planet, what kind of name is that?!”

I’m just the messenger, sorry Mom. If you’re craving a high-energy explosion (pun very intended) of rock, look no further than Diarrhea Planet. This six-piece, Nashville-based (imagine think I’d stop at two) garage punk band brings unapologetic energy, ear-assaulting guitars, and a staggering stage presence to every show. The group broke up in 2018, but then in 2022 announced a two date reunion slated for later that winter. We don’t know if the band will play Bonnaroo then call it quits or start a proper union. Attending their set at Roo could make for a serious, “I was there” bragging rights opportunity. I know they’re not ~ quite ~ indie rock, but it’s close enough. Now, get out there for shows on Thursday!

Most Streamed Track:


Yog’s Track Rec:



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